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Reddit: How To Search Comments

In this guide, you will learn about how to search or find comments by a specific user or many users on the Reddit platform.

Reddit is a community-based platform where users can create and join communities of people having the same interest, hobbies, or passions. People here are free to share their opinions and give advice as well as solve the query that another user posted. To be precise, it’s a people-to-people platform where comments play a very important part in the discussion, so recently, Reddit recognized it and made an update that lets its users search for comments. In this guide, you’ll learn about how to search for comments on Reddit.

How to Search Comments of Users on Reddit More Effectively

search comments on reddit

This new feature of Reddit allows users to search for a specific comment or topic in the comments section with the help of two methods, first is a broad search method where you’ll be able to see every public command made on that topic, and the second method is user method, it is used when you are looking for the comments of a specific user.

Search Comments Broadly

  • Search for Reddit from any of your browsers, and choose “Reddit -Dive into anything” from the list.
  • It is the main page of your Reddit account, you don’t need to log in for this process, but if you want to log in or sign up, you’ll see those buttons on the upper right corner of your screen.
  • On the uppermost part of your Reddit screen, you’ll see a search bar, type anything you want to search, for instance, I’ll be typing TechNClub in the search bar.
  • Then below the search bar, you’ll see four options, choose the second option “Comments”.
  • You’ll see all the comments that have TechNClub on them.

Search Comments of Specific User

  • Open your Reddit web page from any of your browsers, then type any person’s name on the search bar, search bar is at the uppermost part of your screen.
  • For instance, I’ll be searching for an entity, then go to the people tab below the search bar.
  • You’ll see a list of users, you can either scroll and search for the person you are looking for or you can choose anyone, click on that user and you’ll be redirected to their page.
  • There you’ll see a comments section below the search bar, choose it.
  • Now all the comments publicly left by that person can be seen, here you’ll see three sorting options.
  • New will show you their new comments, hot will show you their famous comments and top will give you the option of time.

This article showed you how you can find comments based on a broad search, as well as based on specific users on Reddit. If you found this helpful, do check out our other guides: Windows Search Not Working Fix on Windows 11/10, and How to Fix Spotify Search Not Working.