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How to fix iPhone Screen Keeps Scrolling Itself (2023)

If every now and then your iPhone screen scrolls up and down by itself and it bothers you a lot, here's what's causing it and how to fix it.

You are typing a message or reading news on the Internet, and suddenly, no one knows how the iPhone screen moves up and down by itself. It’s not a bug but it can be a frustrating problem to all iPhone users. But luckily this problem can be turned off with literally just a tap on the Apple device. In this guide, you will learn how to fix iPhone screen scrolling itself issues in detail below.

Fix: iPhone Screen Keeps Scrolling Itself (2023)

fix iPhone screen scrolling itself

There was a time when iPhone controlled everything with a finger. Then, starting with iPhone 6, the display started to get bigger and bigger, so much so that users were forced to use two hands to type text or reach further away portions of the screen. Thus, Apple invented a technology that solves the problem when you can or want to use only one finger: Accessibility.

The Accessibility feature, which is enabled by default, allows you to lower the upper half of the screen to reach it more easily with your thumb when using iPhone with one hand in portrait mode. So what happens is that you accidentally activate Accessibility without realizing it. But what is the offending act? It depends on the iPhone model:

  • iPhone with Face ID: At the bottom edge of the screen, swipe down.
  • iPhone with Home button: Lightly tap the Home button twice.

Turn off Accessibility

To permanently disable Accessibility, check the procedure below which is very simple:

  • Open Settings > Accessibility > Touch.
  • Turn off the Ease of Access toggle switch.
  • That’s it, from now on, the hassle of the iPhone screen moving by itself will be solved forever.

What if the iPhone screen still moves?

If you continue to experience other quirks or unwanted clicks on the iPhone interface, there is probably something wrong with the device’s Touch. But it’s not a software problem, 99.99% it’s a hardware malfunction. The only solution in these cases is to seek help from an Apple Authorized Center.

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