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Is Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 Good for Gaming – Specs & Price Details

Here's a guide that explains if Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 GPU is good for gaming or not and all about its specification and price details.

There are many people who want to know whether investing in Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card is a good choice, especially for playing high-end PC video games. There are many RTX graphics cards from Nvidia that are in massive demand for gaming but for this specific Quadro GPU model, many are confused to buy it. If there will be a bottleneck with the Nvidia Quadro video card or if it is only for professional use like video editing, many want to know about the same. Hence, in this guide, I will tell you whether the Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 is good for gaming or not and all about its specification and price details below.

Is Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 Good for Gaming (2023)

is nvidia quadro rtx 5000 good for gaming specs and price

If you want to know if the Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card is good for gaming, then the short answer for it is “Yes”, the Quadro video cards can be used for gaming. However, the Nvidia Quadro GPUs work better with professional video editing and graphics software, because at the price range they are sold, they offer low value for gaming.

The NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 is like a Geforce RTX 2080 SUPER, still sharing the chip with the same number of unlocked cores and most specifications, with the big difference in this case that it includes 16GB of VRAM, compared to the 8GB of the Geforce.

But then, did the graphics cards themselves just get renamed? Are there any further changes or improvements? Obviously not only is there a change in the technical specifications, but there are also several differences that have to do mainly with the use of very different drivers from Geforce.

Most of the changes between Geforce and Quadro are related to their drivers. Geforce drivers are created and maintained with games in mind, optimizing performance, fixing bugs, and improving stability and compatibility. For Quadro GPUs we take the same approach, but for professional use. This can basically be any GPU-intensive productivity application, such as 3D design, content creation, architecture and engineering of various types that focus on CAD or similar, computer visualization, manufacturing live film or television, etc.

Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 Price

At the time of its launch, Nvidia had indicated that we would not find a laptop equipped with its Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card for less than $1600 USD, but now on eCommerce sites like Amazon, the price of this GPU is now $1200 USD. In addition, there were 17 laptops equipped with the Quadro RTX 5000. According to the Nvidia company, these machines should offer desktop-class performance for anyone working “on the go”. In the line of sight of these machines, we find of course the most powerful Apple MacBook Pro equipped with the Vega Pro 20 GPU from AMD, but it will be lower in comparison with the Quadro RTX 5000 from NVIDIA, announced by the firm as being up to seven times faster.

Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 Technical Specifications

Check out the technical specs of the Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card below:

  • Graphics Processor / Vendor: NVIDIA
  • Graphics processor: Quadro RTX 5000
  • Maximum resolution : 7680 x 4320 Pixels
  • CUDA: Yes
  • CUDA cores: 3072
  • Parallel Process Technology: NVLink
  • Firestream: No
  • Dedicated Graphics Memory: 16 GB
  • Graphics adapter memory type: GDDR6
  • Data size: 256 bits
  • Memory bandwidth (maximum): 448 GB/s
  • DisplayPort Version: 1.4
  • Interface Type: PCI Express x16 3.0
  • DisplayPorts quantity: 4
  • Type of cooling: Active
  • Number of fans: 1 fan(s)
  • Number of slots: 2
  • Color of product: Black, Grey, Yellow
  • Built-in TV Tuner: No
  • DirectX version: 12.0
  • Shader model version: 5.0
  • OpenGL version: 4.5
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Ready: Yes
  • HDCP: Yes
  • Dual Link DVI: No
  • Supported Windows OS : Windows 10 Education x64, Windows 10 Enterprise x64, Windows 10 Home x64, Windows 10 Pro x64, Windows 7 Enterprise x64, Windows 7 Home Basic x64, Windows 7 Home Premium x64, Windows 7 Professional x64, Windows 7 Starter x64,Windows 7 Ultimate x64,Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64,Windows 8.1 x64
  • Supported Linux OS: Yes
  • Sustainability certificates: ENERGY STAR
  • Depth: 266.7mm
  • Width: 111.8mm
  • Interface adapters included: DisplayPort male – DVI-D male
  • User Manual: Yes
  • User Guide: Yes

That’s all there is to know if Quadro RTX 5000 GPU is good for gaming or not and all about its specification and price details. If you are searching for more similar types of Nvidia Guides, check out our other articles here: Fix Nvidia GeForce Experience Driver Download Failed Error, and How to Enable Nvidia G-Sync on PC.