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NanoCell vs OLED: Which is Better?

Here's a comparison guide between NanoCell vs OLED technology. Check out which one is best among NanoCell TV and OLED TV.

Majority of the time when we are in front of a good movie or a good show, we can spend hours watching TV, not seeing the time pass. Indeed, when we are captivated by a TV Series, we tend to enjoy every moment we spend in front of our television, especially if the latter is equipped with technical characteristics, making viewing a real pleasure. In this guide, we are going to look at two types of TV screens; the first is Nanocell, while the second is OLED. Check out the key differences between NanoCell vs OLED in this article below.

NanoCell vs OLED

NanoCell vs OLED

Both types of televisions, whether NanoCell or OLED, have their strengths as well as their weaknesses. In general, these two technologies are very popular on television screens, as they ensure good rendering of the image in terms of precision and color quality.

That said, the OLED has certain advantages that are not present in the Nanocell, such as considerable energy savings due to the absence of a backlight panel. In terms of design, an OLED screen will be much more significant, since its thickness is much less than that of a Nanocell screen, which saves space.

In terms of price, you should know that a Nanocell TV will cost significantly less than its OLED counterpart, even when these dimensions reach 60 inches, thanks to LED LCD technology. For smaller dimensions, the cost of an OLED TV will be higher, but the image quality will be better.

The only likely drawback of OLED technology is the fact that brightness adjustment is impossible, due to the absence of an adjustment panel. In spaces where the light will be intense, the use of this television may be compromised and uncomfortable for the eyes.

Finally, if we were to compare between these two NanoCell vs OLED products, we can say that both represent major advantages for television. Their prices remain the main factor which makes it possible to decide between the two.

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