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OLED vs QLED – What is the Difference? (2023)

This OLED vs QLED comparison guide has all the details you need to know the difference between them.

If you are looking for a new TV, you might have heard of OLED and QLED displays a lot of times. These are two different types of display technologies that most modern TV displays use. Both types of TV displays gives high-quality images. However, buying these types of TVs might be costly. Hence, to choose the best display type for your TV this OLED vs QLED comparison guide will help you.

OLED vs QLED: Comparison and Differences (2023)

OLED vs QLED: Comparison and Differences

OLED and QLED are two display technologies that produce high-quality images. However, they each have their own unique features and limitations. Hence, we considered criteria like picture quality, durability, environment, and price:

1. Picture quality

OLED TVs have an edge over QLED TVs when it comes to contrast, black levels, and viewing angles. However, QLED TVs have an advantage over OLED TVs when it comes to brightness, color volume, and HDR peak brightness. Both technologies can deliver stunning picture quality with 4K resolution and support for various HDR formats.

2. Durability

QLED TVs have a longer lifespan and lower risk of burn-in than OLED TVs. Burn-in is a phenomenon where a static image or logo remains on the screen even after it changes or turns off. This can happen if you watch the same channel or content for a long time on an OLED TV. QLED TVs do not suffer from this issue, as they use an LCD panel that does not degrade over time.

3. Environment

QLED TVs are better suited for bright rooms than OLED TVs, as they can produce a higher brightness and resist glare more effectively. OLED TVs are better suited for dark rooms than QLED TVs, as they can produce deeper blacks and avoid halo effects around bright objects.

4. Price

OLED TVs tend to be more expensive than QLED TVs of the same size and features. This is because OLED technology is more complex and costly to manufacture than QLED technology. However, the price gap between the two technologies has been narrowing over the years, and you can find some affordable options in both categories.

So, if you like to watch movies, or play games in a dark environment OLED is the ideal display for you as they offer superior contrast and colors. However, if you use your display in a bright light environment just to stream videos or movies you should go for QLED displays as they offer higher brightness and more vivid colors.

With that, the OLED vs QLED comparison guide ends. Also, check out our other guides, such as the OLED vs MicroLED comparison guide or AMOLED vs OLED guide to know which is the best display technology.