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Make WhatsApp Give Group Names

Check out this guide to find out how to make WhatsApp name your groups.

There’s some good news for users who find it difficult to name every group that they make. WhatsApp has added a new feature wherein the app automatically names the group that you make. The news was shared by Mark Zuckerburg on his Instagram and Facebook platforms. So how can you make WhatsApp give your group names? Check out our guide below to find out about this feature in depth.

How to Make WhatsApp Give Group NamesMake WhatsApp Give Group Names

This is a very small but important feature through which users need not have to think for a title while creating a temporary group. Previously, adding a group name was mandatory. So, you must be thinking how will WhatsApp name your group? Well, WhatsApp won’t provide users with a perfect name but will showcase the names of the participants who are added to the group. For example, James and Noah are added to a group. Then the title name will be displayed as James & Noah.

Users will have to create a group and add participants and WhatsApp will automatically name the group. The feature is dynamic, which means that the group name changes for each participant. This depends on the name that they have saved your number on their device. If an unknown number is added to the group you will see the phone number of the particular person on the group title. This feature is limited to only six participants. This means that this feature can be used to create groups with close friends and family or temporarily for planning a vacation with your companions.

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