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iPhone 14: Is It Waterproof? What Is IEC 60529 IP68

Want to buy the latest iPhone 14 series model, but are confused about its dust and water resistivity? Read this guide.

All Apple iPhones are splash, water, and dust resistant, but the maximum depth-to-time ratio differs. Now the question in the minds of new users is, are the latest models, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Plus splash, water, and dust resistant, and if yes, at what level? In this guide, we’ll learn if Apple iPhone 14 series models are truly waterproof or not. And what is IP68 IEC 60529?

Is Apple iPhone 14 Series Waterproof or Water-resistant? And What is IP68 IEC 60529

Is iPhone 14 Model Waterproof What Is IP68 IEC 60529

According to Apple’s official page, these new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Plus models are IP68 rated under the IEC standard 60529. They can withstand for 30 minutes at 6 meters of depth.

What is IP68 in iPhone 14?

Now you must be thinking about what IP68 is and why we should believe in this standard. IP stands for Ingress Protection, and ingress means the capacity to enter. In short, IP means protection or resistance from outside particles. Talking about 68, 6 is how good a device is at resisting the particles like dust and sand and 6 is the maximum rate here, whereas 8 defines the water resistance, and 9 is the maximum rate here. Max IP is 69.

  • Ingress Protection 6 dust resistance, 8 water resistance.

What is IEC 60529 in iPhone 14?

IEC stands for International Electrotechnical Commission, it’s an international standard organization that publishes standards for electrotechnology. Currently, it has 89 country members, and the US is part of it too. And IEC 60529 is a guide that provides a degree of protection. Here is a link to the second version of this guide.

Things to Remember

Apple has clarified that liquid damage is not part of the warranty. So after it becomes less resistant due to tear and wear, they are not accountable. And it has also published guidelines on its website about what you should avoid, what to do when an iPhone gets wet, and other models’ resistivity. Read it from here.

In this article, you learned if your Apple iPhone 14 series device is waterproof or water-resistant or not. And if it is, according to what standard, why should we believe this standard? What is IEC 60529 IP68? Looking for more such articles, check out: Best Cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max to Purchase Now and iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Models: How to Clear RAM to Boost Performance.