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How To Update IOS – Common Problems & Solutions

Here are some common bug fixes when you update your iPhone to the newest version of IOS 14.5. Follow the solutions for a smooth update.

Recently on Apple released its new update of IOS 14.5.1. By default, you are going to get an auto-update on your iPhone to get the latest feature. Want to know more about the new features of iOS 14.5.1 then hit the link. This article contains information on some of the most common bugs and issues of the latest iPhone operating system.

What are the Basic Requirements to install IOS 14.5.1

These are some typical conditions that you must follow every time before updating your device to any IOS version.

  • Good Internet Connection
  • Use Wifi (No personal hotspot)while updating your device and not on your Cellular data
  • Keep at 5GB free storage in your device for IOS 14 Update
  • If your phone is in Low Power Mode don’t update. Keep your mobile phone battery at least above 50%
  • Sometimes VPN may create problems while updating the process. For a while turn-OFF your VPN


How To Update To IOS 14.5

These are some common steps to update your device.

  • Follow all the above-mentioned conditions and then head towards Settings
  • Scroll down to General
  • Then tap on Software and Update

It will prompt an update. You can even set the timing to run an update overnight for that you have to keep your device in good Wifi connection.

IOS Common Issues & Their Solutions

All of these are some common issues that you may have faced once with your iPhone. Now try these fixes to overcome all these issues.

The wifi is not Connection

You may have witnessed this problem many times. Even if you have inserted the correct password it doesn’t work. Entering a password every time is one of the most frustrating work. Take this solution and get rid of this problem.

Solution – Power-OFF or Restart your device then head towards Wifi and then tap on the “i” symbol beside your wifi network connection and then hit on forget password and then re-enter your password.

Battery Drains Faster

Being an iPhone user you may have observed that you keeping your mobile on charging for a longer period but you use it rarely in a day. You are not the only person who goes through this problem but there are many iPhone users with you.

Solution – To fix this issue don’t forget to turn off the background applications. These applications use your resources like battery, storage, and many more even currently if you are not using those apps.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to General.
  • Tap Background App Refresh.
  • From the list of apps shown, use the toggle to turn Background App Refresh on or off for each app.

High Usage of Cellular Data

Watch YouTube videos, surfing on various social media applications, playing online games, etc. This can lead to high usage of your cellular data and you may get surprised after seeing the final amount of data is been used.

Solution – Android devices have data saver mode similarly, IOS devices also have Low data mode. With the help of low data mode, you can save your data.

  • Go to Settings
  • Search for cellular data and tap on Cellular data options
  • Hit on data mode and turn on Low Data Mode

Apps Freeze and iPhone crash

While using any application your mobile suddenly stops responding, the particular app gets freeze. Sometimes you can’t even run any application or it suddenly gets restart.

Solution – The solution for iPhone crash or application freeze is you should update your devices and the updating process is mentioned above.

Bluetooth Not Working

One of the most common issues faced by iPhone users while connecting to any speakers, wireless headphones, etc. Bluetooth doesn’t allow to connect devices.

Solution –  Head towards Bluetooth search for the name of your paired device. Then Tap on the “i” option and remove the device and then pair again. If this trick doesn’t work use try the next one.

Reset Network settings – to overcome this Bluetooth problem try to reset the network setting option,

  • Go to settings
  • Then search for General and tap on Reset
  • Finally hit on the Reset Network Settings option

These were some common problems that are faced by all iPhone users. If the update crashes in between you might lose your valuable data. Do not forget to backup once before doing the same.