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How to get rid of the Hollow Arrow Icon on iPhone (2023)

Learn how to get rid of the hollow arrow icon on your iPhone with the help of this guide.

The arrow icons on the iPhone status bar indicate that the location services are in use. Since nowadays, every other app asks for location permission to run, there might be instances that your Apple device starts using the location services while running in the background that you might be unaware of. This can cause a battery drain issue on your iPhone with iOS 16. Hence, to disable the hollow arrow icon on your iPhone, this guide will help you.

iPhone: How to get rid of the Hollow Arrow Icon from the Status Bar (2023)

Get rid of the Hollow Arrow icon on iPhone

To get rid of the hollow arrow icon on your iPhone, you can follow the below-mentioned methods:

1. Disable the Status Bar icon

You can get rid of the hollow arrow icon by disabling the status arrow icon by following these steps:

  • First, open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone, and select the ‘Privacy’ option.
  • Then select the ‘Location Services’ tab on the Privacy settings window.
  • Tap the ‘System Services’ on the location services page.
  • Turn off the ‘Status bar icon’ switch by tapping on it.

2. Limit access of location using apps

You can limit location access of the location using apps such as Apple Maps, Snapchat, and more instead of disabling the status bar icon. This is useful when you want to get notified when the background running apps use the location service, but at the same time don’t want the hollow icon to be visible all the time. You can do this by following these steps:

  • Navigate to the ‘Location Services’ settings window by following the previously mentioned steps.
  • Then scroll down to the location-permitted app list, search for the app you want to limit the location access to, and tap on it.
  • This will open the app location settings window.
  • Finally, tap the ‘Never’ option to disable the location services or select the ‘Ask next time or When I share’ option to manually give permission to the app.

That’s everything covered on how to get rid of the hollow arrow on the iPhone. Also, check out our other guides on How to use lockdown mode on iPhone or How to fix Snapchat not working issue on iPhone.