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How to Get a PS5 for Retail

Unable to get your hands on Sony's latest gaming console? Here's a guide on how to get a PS5 for retail.

Even though Sony released the PS5 console in 2020, the said gaming console has not been available to many. The shortage of the PS5 gaming console has given many opportunities to unethical black market dealers. So, the most common question that many gamers have is “How do I get a PS5 console in my country?“. There are a few genuine retailers who have tried to re-stock the PlayStation 5 console. But, as things stand, it is quite difficult to find both types of PS5 gaming consoles. In this guide, we will show you a few ways to get a PS5 for retail.

Where Can I Buy a PS5 Gaming Console for Retail?


Since its launch, PS5 has not been available to many. As a result, it’s difficult to get the gaming machine when it is re-stocked in any retail store. Also, we have seen the entire stock of PS5 getting sold out within minutes. So, how do you plan on getting a PS5 console for you? Below mentioned are some sites where you may get to see and buy PlayStation 5 gaming console soon:

Get PS5 in US & UK

Here’s a list of sites where you may get the PS5 gaming console for retail:

At the time of publishing this article, Very and Walmart have the PS5 console in stock. But, the price on these sites may be higher than the MRP and you should avoid such deals. Wait till the PS5 gaming console is available at its right price.

Tips and Tricks to Get the PS5 Gaming Console for Retail

Even while knowing the sites where you may find the PS5 stock once in a while, it’s not so easy to buy one considering its demand. So, here are some tips and tricks that you may try to purchase the PlayStation 5:

Register with Sony to Buy a PS5 Console

Call it luck or Sony’s generosity, there are times when the tech giant provides the opportunity for some users to register themselves for buying a PS5 console for retail. Though, only US gamers can take this advantage. Follow these steps to register yourself:

  1. Visit Sony’s official site.
  2. Fill in your necessary credentials and sign in.
  3. Register yourself for the deal.

If you are lucky enough to get selected for the deal, Sony will let you know by sending an e-mail, and then you can get your very own PS5 console.

Visit Offline Stores

You may visit some offline stores near you to check the availability of the PS5 gaming machine. But you must refrain from such sellers who demand a premium over the MRP of PS5.

Get Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon often prioritizes its prime members and gives them certain benefits as well. One perk of being an Amazon prime member is getting early access to different products and it applies to Sony’s PS5 too. You can get a chance to order PS5 for retail before anyone else with the Amazon prime membership.

Use Stock Tracker Sites

Many sites monitor the entire market and constantly search for available stock of different products. You may find some sites on the internet such as NowInStock that can inform you if there is any retailer who can sell a PS5 console to you.

So, this is everything that you need to know to get a PS5 gaming console for retail. Be sure to follow the tips that we described to boost your chances of purchasing a PlayStation 5 machine. Once you get your gaming console, do check out some guides related to it: How to Use a Keyboard and Mouse on PS5 and How to Connect a PS5 DualSense Controller to an iPhone.