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Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android 2023

These are the best photo editor apps you can get on your Android phone right now and unleash your creativity to give your picture a new look.

Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S23 series or Google Pixel 7 capture top-notch pictures with their amazing camera. Be it a professional or a normal user who wants to post good images on social media, a little tweaking and editing can bring the images to the next level. If you search Photo Editor on the Play Store, you will be overwhelmed by the number of results. Hence, to save you from downloading and checking every other app to find the best, we have picked the best 5 Photo editing apps for your Android device in this guide.

5 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android (2023)

These apps mentioned in the list below have their uniqueness apart from the wide range of standard editing features like text overlay, manual blurring, quality enhancement, color toggling, and more.

PhotoShop Express Photo Editor

Photoshop Express photo editor

Photoshop Express by Adobe is another Android photo editing app that can be used to create high-quality images. It is equipped with a wide range of selection of features like Selective Editing, Advanced Healing, Perspective Correction, Spot Healing, and Picture Collage Maker.

Along with that, it lets you choose from hundreds of looks, effects, and filters for your images. Although it has in-app purchases with more editing features, the free version gets more of the work done with ease.

Key Features:-

  • Noise Remover
  • Apply Blur
  • Quick Fixes
  • Spot Healing

Download the app from PlayStore – PhotoShop Express

PicsArt Photo Editor

Picsart AI

One of the most popular photo editors for Android, PicsArt lets you tune your photo with one tap with features like background swapping and remover and more.

With PicsArt you can choose from hundreds of stylized photo filters to give your photo a new look or use AI to turn text into art with an AI Image Generator. Additionally, you can add text to your tour image with 200+ font designs or add custom stickers.

Key Features:-

  • AI tools
  • Sticker Maker
  • Drawing Tool
  • Tons of Photo Effect

Download from PlayStore – PicsArt


Snapseed photo editor

Developed by Google, Snapseed is an easy-to-use photo editor full of functionality and useful tools. It has user-friendly navigation and access to all the tools with minimum effort. Snapseed offers features from image tuning and detailing to color and filter tweaking. It has precise control and a lot of modern and vintage-style filters.

With its comprehensive features like curve adjustment, Snapseed is an ideal option for professional content creators and photographers looking for a mobile editing interface.

Key Features:-

  • Save Present to apply to another image
  • Able to edit RAW files
  • Selective brush for filter
  • More than 30 filters

Download from PlayStore – Snapseed



PhotoDirector is one of the best all-in-one free Photo editing apps available on the PlayStore for free. It lets you edit your photos with ease with precision editing tools.  You can make essential lighting and color adjustments, crop and rotate in, and add one-touch looks to transform your images.

It offers AI-powered tools that let you generate images, change sky color with a single click, and a cutout feature that lets you automatically detect the outline of any object in the photo.

Key Features:-

  • Animation Decoration
  • AI tools
  • Light ray effects
  • Photo Retouch

Download from PlayStore – Photodirector

Adobe Lightroom


Lightroom is another photo editing app from Adobe. It is well-known for its color tuning and transformation. Its easy-to-use UI makes photo editing fast and elevates your picture quality.  Also, its built-in camera app lets you capture more detailed shots with modes like raw, professional, and HDR. Additionally, you can enhance your images with features like object remover, background tuning, photo filters, etc.

You can create presents and apply them to another picture to get the same result, giving you the ability to maintain a cohesive look across images. Along with that, it offers additional features if you get a premium membership.

Key Features:-

  • Preset
  • +30 Filters
  • Color Tuning
  • RAW File Editing

Download from PlayStore – Adobe Lightroom

That’s everything covered for the guide on the best photo editing apps for Android devices. These apps let you edit photos more professionally and creatively. In the meantime, check out our other guide to help you with photo editing like Best Apps to Fix Blurry Pictures on Android, or learn about the Top 6 Video Editing Apps Of 2022 For Android.