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Best Dialer Apps for Android 2023

Check out this guide to find out the best dialer apps for your Android device which will help you block unwanted spam calls.

A Dialer app is a good option for Android users who want extra functions to enhance their calling experience. It also helps with additional features like blocking unwanted calls, providing information on unknown numbers, and much more. Many dialer apps are available on the Play Store, but most of these third-party apps have nothing to offer to the user. But don’t worry, we have listed out the best dialer app for your Android device in 2023. Check out this guide below to find out.

5 Best Dialer Apps for Android (2023)

There are a lot of third-party dialer apps that promise to provide great features but are of no use after you install them on your Android device.  Here is the list of the best dialer apps to use on your Android device in 2023.

Truecaller – Best Dialer App for Android

Truecaller - Best Dialer Apps for Android

Truecaller is one of the best and most used dialer apps in the world. This app helps users in identifying and blocking Spam calls. It helps in detecting ID’s of unknown numbers. You can either search these unknown numbers or set the settings for the app to automatically notify you when you receive a call from numbers you don’t know.



Just like its name the app Simpler provides simple features to its users. The app provides user with caller ID’s of the calls they receive. It helps users to merge duplicate contacts and also helps users back up their contacts. Also, Simpler helps you to make calls to contacts you frequently connect with. It provides you with a T9 dialer which helps you search numbers and contacts swiftly. Users can also customize the font size and color which can be of great help for someone who has weak eyesight.



Drupe is one of the most popular and unique dialer apps for Android users. Users can get access to many features by downloading this app. Features like a smart dialer, call blocker, and techniques to get rid of duplicate contacts. Also, it has quite a modern and wonderful display and users can access the Caller ID feature. Though the app is free to use, users can make in-app purchases to get access to more features.


Eyecon -

One of the best things about this app is that it provides shortcuts to contacts with whom you frequently are in touch. Eyecon also syncs with Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and other social media platforms. It also displays their pictures which can help users recognize the caller. The best feature of this app is that it does not display any advertisements, unlike other dialer apps.

ACR Phone

ACR Phone - Best Dialer App for Android

The user interface of the ACR Phone app is pretty simple, unlike the other dialer apps. The interface of the app is similar to the Phone by Google dialer app. Just like Simpler users can also backup data on ACR Phone. The best feature of all is the recording function of the app. As the developer of this app is ACR Call recorder it is expected that the recording feature is going to be top-notch.

These are the 5 best dialer apps that you can use on your Android devices to block spam calls or get Caller IDs of unknown numbers. Hope you found this guide of some help.  If you liked this article then check out our other guides like Five Best Free Solitaire Games For Android and Best Match 3 Puzzle Games For iOS Device on TechnClub.