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Best Match 3 Puzzle Games For iOS Device 2023

Play the best Match 3 Puzzle game on your iOS device. Take a look in this guide to know more.

Whether a gamer or not, Match 3 games have hooked many of us to them. But, being so much into liking, there are many similar Match 3 games, and getting the best one on your device gets difficult. Thus, we have brought you a list of the six best Match 3 Puzzle games that you can download on your iOS device and spare your time. Check this list out and have the best Match 3 Puzzle game for you.

6 Best Match 3 Puzzle Games On iOS (2023)

Match 3 Puzzle games have been all over the market. Whether just popping 3 tiles, creating a storyline out of the quests, or just having an RPG out of them, Match 3 puzzles have it all. Here, we have the six best games that you can get on your iOS device, and enjoy your tile matching in your free time.

CandyCrush Saga – Most Popular Match 3 Puzzle

Candy Crush Saga iOS game

One of the most popular and highly downloaded Match 3 Puzzle, Candy Crush Saga, hooks you to it every single time. It is free to download and play. Also, the game comes with new challenges with each new level. All you need to do is to match 3 or more similar candies in a row and clear the level. Sometimes you will have to burst the ice and sometimes the chocolate bars. The game is very easy and can be downloaded from the Apple store on your iOS device.

Ticket To Earth – Paid iOS App

Ticket to Earth

Another Match 3 Puzzle game is Ticket To Earth. Although, the app is not free to download, but gives you the best Match 3 puzzle experience with RPG simulation and a storyline. You can buy the app for around $6 and then have it for a lifetime. The app allows you to have the feel of a comic book storyline. Also, by matching the puzzles you get more points and characters to dig deeper into the story. There are different teams and you play for your team by winning puzzles and applying different battlefield tactics.

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz For iOS

Bejeweled Blitz comes with a time-based jewel-crushing like CandyCrush Saga on your iOS device. The game gives you time for a minute and you will have to crush as many jewels as you can. There are new quests and hunts every day and you can check your daily leaderboard for a more competitive gameplay. Match 3 or more similar jewels and collect them in your scores.

Gummy Drop

Gummy Drop

If you love Gummies, you will love Gummy Drop too. Gummy Drop is another iOS Match 3 puzzle game that requires crushing 3 or more similar gummies in a row. The app comes with more than 10,000 levels that will keep you hooked to your device. Also, with each level you clear, you unlock a new city from around the globe. Get this App on your iOS device from Apple Store for free.


Fishdom app

Another on the list of Match 3 Puzzle games we have is the Fishdom app. Fishdom allows you to create an aquarium of your own by clearing more and more Match 3 levels. The app has different kinds of fish that can be unlocked after certain levels. You can get a goldfish, a clownfish, or more. Apart from this, the app is free to download but has some in-app purchases to offer.

Homescapes – For iOS And Android


Another Match 3 game that allows you to build your own home and places around. Homescapes has different levels to clear by matching 3 or more similar tiles which allows you to unlock different items for your home. The game comes with a person who guides you through different areas of your home, meeting new people, and suggesting the right choices. This app is also free to download on your iOS device but offers some in-app purchases.

These were the six best Match 3 puzzle games that you can get on your iOS device. Some of these apps are free to download and use, while others contain in-app purchases. Also, all of these apps can be downloaded from the Apple Store. If you are interested in knowing more about games and other iOS apps, read these guides – Best Free Solitaire Games For Android 2023 or Best iPhone iOS 14 Theme Apps 2023.