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How to Create Stranger Things Wallpaper in iOS 16

Looking to customize your wallpaper into Stranger Things wallpaper on your iOS 16 device, this guide is for you.

Stranger Things has been in the limelight since its launch and it recently telecasted Season 4. It’s a Netflix series where an alternate reality is getting mixed with our reality, an upside-down world. It has gruesome creatures that are known as Demogorgon. If you are one of its fans, you definitely would love to have a wallpaper designed out of your favorite series. This article will explain how you can download and create Stranger Things Wallpaper on your iOS 16 device.

How to Download and Create Stranger Things Wallpaper in iOS 16

This wallpaper comes in two modes, light and dark also called day and night, you can either make one of it your wallpaper or you can use our method to transform it on the Home Screen in your iOS 16 device as well as the Lock screen.

Before we start with the steps, you are going to need these pictures, which you can download from this tweet.

Creating Stranger Things Day and Night Wallpapers

  • Press the power button of your iPhone with iOS 16 and long press anywhere on your lock screen.
  • Now swipe to the last picture, there you’ll see a Plus sign, tap on it.
  • You’ll come to the “Add New Wallpaper” page, scroll and choose the light version of Stranger Things wallpaper.
  • Zoom it out or in according to your display size, here you get several other customization options.
  • Click on the time and choose some bold font and red color text, then click on the Add Widgets option below the time slot and choose any widget you prefer.
  • Press Done and then long press on the wallpaper, you’ll see the “Customize” button on the bottom of your screen.
  • Choose “Customize Home Screen” and select “Photos” from the present options, look for the dark Stranger Things picture and choose it.
  • Adjust the size and add widgets, then press done.
  • Now every time you swipe your Lock Screen a day, Stranger Things wallpaper will turn into dark Stranger Things Home screen.

These are all the steps that you need to follow to create or change your Home Screen and Lock Screen wallpaper to Stranger Things Wallpaper in iOS 16. Looking for more such articles check out How to Automatically Change Wallpapers in iOS 15 and How to Add Widgets to iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16.