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Convert EXE Files Into APK For Android – Here Is How?

Convert your EXE files to APK files using different ways explained.

EXE files are difficult to open on your Android devices. But, what if we receive important apps or extensions in EXE format that we want to download and open on our Android? Thus, to open such files, you will be required to first convert them to APK. But, converting EXE files to APK is quite difficult for Android. So, here we are with two simple solutions that will help you convert your EXE files to APK. Read this guide to learn how you can convert between files easily on your Android.

Two Ways To Convert EXE Files to APK For Android (2023)

There are two simple ways in which you can convert EXE to APK on your Android. But, before we get into the conversion, what are EXE or APK files? Let us know what these file types are and then get to know how we can convert one into the other on our Android devices.

What Are EXE And APK Files?


EXE is a file format for Windows and PCs, a short form for “Executable”. These files are downloaded to install and run a particular app and software on your PC. After having an EXE file on your PC, double-clicking on it will open and run the file on your system.

On the other hand, APK files are the files for your Applications on your Android devices. APK stands for “Android Package”. These files help you to download an app or a game on your Android device. While both the files have similar functions, they both have been developed for different operating systems. Now, to open an EXE file on your Android, convert it to an APK using the two simple ways explained below.

Convert Using EXE To APK Converter Tool

Converter Tool

One simple way to convert your EXE files to APK is with the help of the EXE to APK converter tool on your PC. To use this tool for file conversion, follow the steps as explained below:

  • On your PC, get the EXE to APK converter tool downloaded from Google. Search for EXE to APK converter tool for PC and click on the MediaFire website link from the options.
  • Now, Download the application on your PC.
  • After you have downloaded the file, open it by double-clicking on the file. As it is a RAR file, you must have a RAR extractor on your PC, if not download it. After installing the RAR extractor, open the EXE to APK converter file from there.
  • Then, from the options on the screen, click on the “I Have A Portable Application” option.
  • Now, click on Next and select the EXE files that are to be converted.
  • After the files are selected, wait for the conversion to complete.
  • Finally, your EXE has been converted to APK. Now, you can copy the file from your PC to your Android device.

Thus your files can now be easily converted into APKs. But, if you do not have a PC to convert the files, you can have it done using your Android. To do so, you can read another method on your Android device as explained below.

Use The Inno Setup Extractor

Inno Setup Extractor

Another way to get EXE files as APK on Android is using the Inno Setup Extractor. This is a simpler way than the previous one. To use the Inno Setup Extractor on your Android, follow the below-given steps:

  • On your Play Store, search for the Inno Setup Extractor app. Install the app on your Android device.
  • Now, open the app, select the EXE file that you need to convert, and the location for the file.
  • Then, after the files have been selected, click on convert to APK option.
  • Wait for the conversion to be completed.
  • Finally, your file has been converted from EXE to APK and stored in the required file location on your Android.

Thus, your file has now been converted from EXE to APK using these simple ways. You can now easily access the application on your Android and use it.

These are the two simple ways that you can use to convert EXE files into APK for your Android devices. Also, you know what are these file types and how they are useful. Now, if you want to know more about Android and other file setups, refer to these guides on TechnClub – Download Pokemon Trading Card APK File or Free Fonts For Android In 2023.