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Download Pokemon Trading Card APK File

Pokemon TCG is coming for Android and iOS devices. Also, a beta for PC is planned here is how to get this game.

Pokemon TCG is a two-player game where players will battle using 60 cards on a deck. Each card features a Pokemon character and players throw it in turns to defeat the other one.  Players will have to build their deck with the right pokemon. The game will feature daily quests, live battles, booster packs, and more. Pokemon TCG is coming on mobile for both Android and iOS platforms. I am going to help you with Pokemon TCG download details. The game is also set to release on PC.

How to download Pokemon TCG on Mobile?

Pokemon TCG Online

You can download Pokemon TCG from Play Store for Android mobile phones. The same for iOS is still not released. Android version requires an active internet connection. You can play, trade, or challenge other players around the world. Pokemon TCG also has a Player vs. AI mode where you can learn the in-outs of this game. Players can compete with friends or other players globally. Winning battles will reward you with new cards and decks which are accessible via the Pokemon Trainer Club account.

Pokemon TCG or Pokemon Trading Card is a free-to-play game for mobile platforms. This deck-building game brings in all the Pokemons on cards. Pokemon TCG Beta is planned for PC and Mac platforms. If you had played card games then it will be easier to understand how it works. This game also comes in the physical cards where players can trade them with each other. The same features are part of the mobile version. The best part to look forward to is the daily quest that is going to reward players with really amazing pokemon to unlock.

You will have to focus on building a powerful deck of cards. This is where you can build your collection, save it online and compete with players around the globe. Chances are you might unlock some of the really powerful Pokemon during the battles. As a trainer, you can fully customize your avatar and do a lot more stuff.