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How to Charge Apple AirPods without Charging Case?

Do you want to know whether you can charge your AirPods without a Charging Case? Here's a guide that debunks all this myths.

Apple’s Bluetooth headphones, the AirPods, are as intuitive to use as they are to charge. But what if you lose or forget the charging case of your AirPods and left it at home by mistake? Well, don’t worry, as even if you lost, forgot or if the AirPods case is damaged, there are many ways you can charge your earbuds using different cases. In this guide, we will tell you how to charge your Apple AirPods without charging the case in the simple steps below.

How to Charge AirPods without Charging Case (2023)

charge airpods without charging case

First and foremost, you should always know that there is no way to charge AirPods or AirPods Pro without the charging case, it is mandatory for every model. Even though there are many myths on the web that claim you can charge AirPods without the case, it is next to impossible. The only way to charge AirPods is to place them in their charging case. There’s no way to load them separately, so here are the common methods for the accessory.

1. Lightning-to-USB cable

Like all Apple smartphones and tablets, AirPods earbuds can be charged using the Lightning-to-USB cable that comes with them. To do this, the Lightning cable must be inserted into the appropriate connector on the accessory case, and the USB must be connected to an available port on your computer or power adapter. The latter can be from an iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

2. Wireless charging

You will know when the AirPods are fully charged by observing the green light on the front of the charging case. For more accurate information (as a percentage for each of the headphones and separately for the case), you will need to refer to your iPhone, iPad, Mac or other paired device.

How to see the charge level of AirPods

The aforementioned LED indicator gives a general idea of the state of charge of the AirPods and their case, which is not always enough. Detailed information is displayed on the paired device. On an iPhone, for example, this could be a separate widget, control panel, connection window, or even Siri.

That’s everything there is to know about how to charge your Apple AirPods without a charging case. If you are searching for more AirPods Troubleshooting Guides, check out our other articles only on our website TechNClub.com: How to fix AirPods Pro Voice Connects and Disconnects While Talking, and How to fix AirPods Dropping Bluetooth Connection After 90 Seconds.