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Best Weather Apps for iPhone (2023)

Here are the list of best weather apps for iPhone and iPad. Download Dark Sky Weather, WeatherBug - Weather Forecast and more.

Even if we are at the start of the Spring season, the weather seems to be more unstable than ever before. So, if you want to know as accurately as possible the weather conditions for the next few days, we have got you covered. In this article, I will list down the best weather apps for your iPhone that you can use in 2023.

Best Weather Apps for iPhone in 2023

If you want to get an idea about the climate in your region, surely you would want to look out of the window to understand how cold is the weather or how humid it is, or is it going to rain today? Will you need a raincoat, or a sweater, or can hang out around with your casuals? Well, it will be best to know what are you getting into with the help of a weather app for your smartphone.

There are many genuine weather apps that you can use on your smartphone to know the temperature of your region. In this article, let us check out the best weather apps for your iPhone that you can use in 2022 below.

1. Dark Sky Weather

dark sky weather best weather app for iphone

The first best weather app that you can use is Dar Sky Weather because it offers accurate weather information with up-to-date forecasts. However, this app is not a free one but still it is worth downloading. The UI of this app offers beautiful radar animations. These animations also show for example the path of a storm, showing where it originated from and where it is heading to. This app comes with advanced notification options and down-to-the-minute alerts before it starts raining at your exact location.

Download Dark Sky Weather for iPhone.

2. WeatherBug – Weather Forecast

weatherbug best weather app for iphone

Another extremely popular weather application is WeatherBug – Weather Forecast app, which comes totally free. The app is powered by the largest professional weather network in the world. It offers 18 different weather maps, including lightning, wind, temperature, warnings, pressure, and humidity, and is loved by millions of iOS users. With an average App Store score of 4.8, this app is also the right choice for weather enthusiasts.

Download WeatherBug – Weather Forecast for your iOS device.

3. CARROT Weather

carrot weather

CARROT Weather app is also one of the best weather applications for iPhone users. This application is Apple’s Editors’ Choice award-winning app and the New York Times and many other prestigious magazines have written about it. The reason for its success is that it gives extremely accurate weather data and the fact that it is much more than a weather app. In fact, you can unlock more than 60 achievements, use Augmented Reality mode, and much more, all accompanied by hilarious humorous comments from the voice assistant.

Download CARROT Weather for iPhone.

That is everything you need to know about the best weather apps for iPhone. Also, do not forget to check out our other guides on the Best Face Morph Apps for iPhone.