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Best Face Morph Apps for iPhone (2023)

Here's the list of best Face Morph Apps for iPhone. Download FaceApp, Face Swap and more face morphing apps on your iOS devices now.

If you want to apply some particular face effect to your face to make your social media profile more captivating, this article is for you. I have made a list of the funniest apps to apply filters to your photos or augmented reality effects to apply to the face that will give you a lot of smiles and fun. In this guide, let us find out the best face morph apps for iPhone devices in the list below.

Best Face Morph Apps for iPhone in 2023

So, let us check what are the best apps to change our face to use to create funny videos with our faces alone or with the company thanks to using facial filters as well as augmented reality. The filters that are used in fun selfie apps are all based on this technology of augmented reality.

So, without further ado, here are the best face morph apps for iPhone in 2022:

1. FaceApp: Face Photo Editor

faceapp best face morph app for iphone

One of the best face morphing apps for iOS devices is undoubtedly FaceApp: Face Photo Editor. This app allows you to transform your face into a child, an adult (giving a very old look to your face), in a Hollywood style, change the background of your photo, and much more. With the latest update, FaceApp will also allow you to change and transform your face from man to woman and vice versa. It is definitely an app well done and for everyone to try out.

Download FaceApp: Face Photo Editor for your iOS device.

2. Instagram

instagram best face morph app for iphone

You can also use the Instagram app on your iPhone that allows you to apply facial filters. But what’s even more interesting is that it allows you to create them. On this famous photo social network, face filters are only available in Stories. Therefore, to use them you have to start the appropriate tool accessible by clicking on your profile photo, which is located at the top left, or by sliding to the right from the home. After performing this action, it will open your iPhone’s camera. You will then come across a menu that will show you several filters available for swiping left or right. If you want to select a filter, just tap on it to test the filter in real-time. After selecting the filter, you can start recording a video by pressing and holding the button with the shutter symbol or tap to take a pic with the filter applied. Once you have created the photo, just press the “Your Story” button to share your video or photo in Instagram stories.

Download the Instagram app for your iPhone.

3. Face Swap Live

face swap live

With the help of the Face Swap Live app, you can try to create funny photomontages, such as inverting your face with that of a friend or relative, taking a pic and taking your flight into unusual settings, or simply changing the face of a friend on that of other fun photos. It is also possible to animate photos and objects with this app. After downloading the app, you can instantly create funny photos with great simplicity. Just take a photo of a face or choose one saved on your iPhone to start editing. After that select a filter in the bar at the bottom with the possibility of changing some parameters with suggestions provided by the app. Once you are done with the editing, you can save the result on your iOS device and then share it on social networks or messaging apps.

Download Face Swap Live for your iPhone.

And that is everything you need to know about the best face morph apps for iPhone. If you are interested in similar types of apps for your iOS device, then check out our other guides on the Best Free Deepfake App for iPhone and iPad, and Best Free Manga Apps for iPhone and iPad.