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5 Best Steam Deck Power Banks In 2023

Considering to have a power bank compatible with your Steam Deck, here is the list of the best ones for you. 

If you love playing games on your Steam Deck device, you might also face the issue of battery draining out within a few hours. But, there is a solution to use your Steam Deck all day long, and that is by getting a strong Power Bank. Choosing the best compatible power bank for your Steam Deck might get difficult, so, here is the list of the five best power banks that you can choose from. Also, get the best battery capacity and power delivery for your Steam Deck to last longer.

5 Best Power Banks For Your Steam Deck (2023)

Getting a power bank and deciding which one will be the best can get a little difficult. So, here are the five best compatible ones with your Steam Deck so that you enjoy the most out of it. But, before getting into the list of the best ones, take a look at the things to keep in mind for a compatible power bank.

Things To Consider Before Buying

There are only two things to keep in mind before getting a power bank for your steam deck; the Power Delivery and Capacity. The minimum Power Delivery required is 45W from a power bank or charger to charge your Steam Deck. Also, while buying a power bank look for one with more than 5000 mAh battery capacity. Now, let us move to the list of the best power banks that you can get to play limitless games from your Steam Deck.

Shargeek Storm 2 Power Bank

Shargeek Storm 2

Shargeek Storm 2, also known as Shargeek 100, comes with a battery capacity of 25,600 mAh along with a power delivery of 100W. Also, this power bank offers 4 different ports for charging, including one adjustable DC port, 2 USB C ports, and one USB A port. The power bank has the most unique design amongst all the others on the list. It has a transparent body that lets you see the inside of the device. Furthermore, you can charge Steam Deck more than 4 times, once the power bank is completely charged, which takes about 90 minutes. But, coming to the cost of the power bank, with all these features, it costs you around $229.

Anker PowerCore+ – Best In Budget

anker powercore+ Power Bank

Another on the list we have is the PowerCore+ from Anker, also known as Anker 337 Power Bank. This comes with 26,800 mAh battery capacity, along with 45W power delivery. Also, the device is lightweight and compact to carry easily around. Though it supports fast charging, this feature could not be used with Steam Deck. This power bank is also known for its high capacity. The power bank comes with 3 different ports for multi-device charging; one 45W USB-C port and two 15W USB-A ports. The Power Bank will cost you $59.99, which is a quite good price when it comes with all these features.

Anker 737

Anker For Steam Deck

With a power delivery of 140W, the third one on the list we have is Anker’s 737 Power Bank. It has a battery capacity of 24,000 mAh along with a digital display for battery percentage and more. 3 charging ports come with the Power Bank; two USB-C and one USB-A. However, the power bank is not lightweight and some might find it heavier than others to carry regularly. Also, it does not support wireless charging. Coming to the price, the power bank costs you $159.99 for all these features.

Baseus 20,000 mAh Power Bank


The second budget-friendly power bank on the list is the Baseus 20,000 mAh power bank. It offers a power delivery of 65W, completely compatible with your Steam Deck. It is also known as Baseus Adaman Power Bank. With this battery capacity and power delivery you can charge your Steam Deck almost four times. You can charge three different devices at a time with one USB-C and two USB-A ports. To know about your battery percentage and other details the power bank comes with an LED charge indicator. All these come for $59.99.

Elecjet Powerpie P20

Elecjet Powerpie p20

Last on the list we have Elecjet Powerpie P20. This one comes with the lowest battery capacity, 10,000 mAh, on the list but can charge your Steam Deck thrice after being charged completely. Furthermore, it comes with a power delivery of 45W. One reason to have this on the list is its capability of voltage and short circuit protection, along with static resistance. Also, it is ultra slim and light in weight to carry around. It comes with a USB-C port and a USB 3.0 port for laptops. And, all these features will only cost you $69.99.

These are the five best power banks that you can get for your Steam Deck to run all day long. Play limitless without getting your device’s battery drained out. Also, you can charge multiple times with these best power banks. If you want to learn more about Steam Deck, Refer to these guides on TechnClub – Upgrade Steam Deck Storage or Steam Deck Tips And Tricks To Try.