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5 Best Image Viewer Apps For Mac (2023) – Free And Paid

Here is a list of the five best apps you can use on your Mac for best Image viewing with other exciting features.

The Preview App on Mac lets you see, edit, and take notes on your images and documents and allows you to edit them. But, some of the features are not available in the Preview app. Thus, we have listed down the five best apps that you can download on your Mac for Image viewing. These apps can be used for editing images, opening older files, and more. Read this guide to get the best Image Viewer app on your Mac.

Five Best Image Viewer Apps For Mac – Free And Paid

Here is a list of the best image viewer apps that you can get for your Mac. Some of these apps have paid subscriptions while others are free to use. Also, each one of them has a unique feature and different functions. Read about these apps and then you can have the best one for your use.

XnView MP – Free App

Image Viewer App

The XnView MP is a viewer as well as a manager app for your images on Mac. You can get this app for free and use it to view and manage bulk files and images on your device. Also, this app supports more than 500 different image formats. This makes it easier for the user to open, view, and manage multiple kinds of images. There is a Create option in the app that lets you merge or manage two or more images. This helps to create multiple image folders. Also, there are different filters and formatting options for your images within the app. You can also convert your images into different file formats according to your requirements. Also, the app is available for PC as well as Android devices.

ApolloOne – Subscription-based Mac App

Apollo One App

The next on the list we have is the ApolloOne App for Mac. This app works as a viewer as well as an organizer for your images and files. The app has a split view that allows you to see two images at a time and compare them. The app allows you to smartly manage and organize different tagged images under one folder. But, this app is not free to use. There is a subscription plan for the app to be purchased that comes with an initial day trial.

Phiewer – Free

Phiewer App

Another free-to-use app on the list is the Phiewer app. The app has all the basic image viewer app functions. Also, the app has a unique feature of making slideshows. You can select multiple images and add music to them. You can also adjust the timing of each slide, add different music, and more to the image slideshow. The app is free to use on Mac but comes with a paid version on Mobile Phones.

Lyn – Paid App With A Free Trial

Lyn App

Lyn is another best-paid app on your Mac as an image viewer and organizer. This app comes with a free trial for initial days and then can be used after a paid plan is purchased. Also, the app allows you to use and edit old and RAW format images. The app also has a Map feature that uses Apple maps for image location and other details. Also, the app has the tagged images feature that allows you to organize images with the same tag under a single folder.

Picturama – Free To Use

Picturama App

The last one on the list we have is the Picturama App. It allows the user to view images on their Mac with different file formats. The app is completely free to use. Like the other apps, it has all the basic features as that of an image viewer app.

These were the 5 best image viewer apps that you can try on your Mac. These apps allow you to edit and have the best-quality images viewed on your Mac. According to your requirements, you can choose from the list and get one for your Mac. Also, if you want to know more about Mac, refer to these guides – 5 Best Email Apps For Mac or Reinstall Mac Without Losing Data.