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5 Best Email Apps For iPhone (2023)

Here are the 5 best email apps that you can use on your iPhone. From Gmail to Outlook with more advance features.

From sending work emails or texting a loved one, email is something that we use daily. Most meeting schedules, presentation approvals, data management, assignments, and more take place through emails. Although iPhone has its built-in-app, Mail app, other apps might work better than this. There are plenty of different apps that can be downloaded from the app store. We have made a list of 5 best email apps that can be useful for you to mail easily and comfortably.

Best 5 Email Apps For iPhone – Other Than Built-in Mail App

The Apple Mail or the built-in Mail app has basic and handy email features. It can be useful for the ones who need only an email app to send and receive mail. But for more organized and flexible usage, there are plenty of apps in the market, and we have the best 5 for you.

G-Mail – The Google Mail

Gmail for iPhone

The Gmail App has been said to be the best productive app that you can have on your iPhone. It comes with the same looks as that on the desktop and works well with different mail IDs. It also allows using other Google apps like Sheets, Docs, Keep, and more. Also, it comes with built-in Google Meets to manage all the video conferences and manage without downloading the Meet app separately.

The quick gesture features allow you to easily delete, archive, or mark as read to the emails on your device. The app allows you to quickly respond to calendar notifications as well. The app separates your primary, social, and promotional emails to make it easier to access important emails earlier.

Airmail – Paid Email App

Airmail iPhone

Airmail, on the list, is the paid email app for iPhone. The downloading of the app is completely free, but it has in-app purchases to unlock features. The design of the app has been awarded as the best one by Apple. It comes with all the basic features of a mail app but with Apple Watch compatibility. You can edit bulk emails and offers multiple different app-sync options.

It comes with integrations with Dropbox, Google Drive, and other applications. The only drawback to this would be the subscription plan, as everyone will not be willing to have an email app that needs money to be paid. Other than this, the overall performance and use of the app are apt.

Microsoft Outlook – To Handle All Your Mails


The Outlook app for emails is similar to what the Apple Mail app looks like. It offers calendar attachments, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more. The easy-to-use feature of the app makes it more reliable and user-friendly. It has a different look than it offers on the desktop. Also, Outlook is compatible with various emails like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Live, Cognizant, and more.

It helps the user by sorting out emails as focused emails, primary, spam, and more. Also, the app undergoes frequent updates that make it more feature-rich and user-friendly. But the desktop version offers a better working interface, and also it sometimes requires a Microsoft subscription.

Proton Mail – Privacy And Security

Proton Mail for iPhone

The best in privacy and security is the Proton Mail app on the iPhone. Although all the apps offer privacy and security, the most trusted one on it is the Proton Mail. The app offers to send you password-protected emails, which ensures the security of the data shared. The app is free, easy to use, and there are no targeted ads in your inbox. There is end-to-end encryption given in the app to keep the conversations private. Also, the app offers its mail address creation like “@proton.me” or “@protonmail.com“. It has been listed as the best privacy and security offering email app for iPhone.

Spark Mail – Overall Best Email Apps

Spark Mail app

As we have seen that each app in the list has something best to offer. The Spark Mail on the list has everything included in one app. From supporting different mail addresses to best swipe features. There is a one-tap reply feature, an easy search option, calendar integration, an AI email assistant, and more. All your emails and different accounts at one place which could be accessed easily through the app.

While you do not need to type in a thank you or ok, you can just give a quick response of a like or love reaction. There is a security feature offered by the Google Cloud infrastructure.  There is a team setup, you can create teams and work more effectively rather than sending out individual emails. All this can be done under one app.

That’s everything covered for the list of the top 5 Best email apps for iPhone. While you are here, check out our other guides like 5 Best Calculator Apps For iPhone & iPad – 2023 or Best Travel Apps for iPhone 14.