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Which is Best Browser for Mac in 2023?

This guide has listed 7 best fast, secure, customizable web browsers for your Mac computers.

Exploring the internet to search for queries, pass the time, or for productivity became an essential part of our life. However, you need a good browser to browse the internet. Although there are many options for browsers available but only a few are well-optimized for Mac. So, in this guide, we listed the 7 best browsers for your Mac computer that are secure, compatible, and give you a safe internet surfing experience.

7 Top Browsers on Mac

There are many factors to consider when choosing a browser for your Mac computer, such as speed, security, privacy, compatibility, and features. So, based on these criteria here are our 7 best browser picks:

1. Safari

Safari Browser for Mac

Pros Cons
Fast, & Secure Not compatible with some extensions or websites.
Also, prevents tracking
Moreover, requires less energy

The default browser for Mac users, Safari is fast, secure, and energy-efficient. It has a sleek design and integrates well with other Apple products and services. Also, Safari offers features such as iCloud tabs, a reading list, picture-in-picture, and intelligent tracking prevention. However, Safari may not be compatible with some websites or extensions that are designed for other browsers.

2. Chrome

Chrome Mac

Pros Cons
High-speed browsing Energy consuming
Also, supports third-party plugins Less secure than Safari
Syncs data across various devices

The most widely used browser in the world, Chrome is known for its speed, and performance. Also, it has a large library of extensions and apps that can enhance your browsing experience. Chrome also syncs your data across devices and supports multiple profiles. However, Chrome can be resource-intensive and drain your battery faster than other browsers. Also, it collects a lot of data about your browsing habits and preferences.

3. Firefox


Pros Cons
Customizable browser and add-ons Energy consuming
Also, supports third-party plugins Slow browsing experience
Moreover, it is secured and prevents tracking

The open-source browser that champions privacy and customization, Firefox is a great choice for users who value their online security and freedom. Firefox has a built-in password manager, tracking protection, and private browsing mode. Also, it allows you to customize your browser with themes, and extensions. However, Firefox may not be as fast or stable as other browsers on some websites or devices.

4. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo Browser Mac

Pros Cons
Secured & Privacy Protected browser Does not support third-party plugins or extensions
Also, prevents tracking by websites
Moreover, relatively faster than Safari

If you like are more concerned about your privacy while surfing the internet, then DuckDuckGo is the browser made for you. It is faster than Safari even though it uses a very similar WebKit to Safari. Also, you can surf any website on the internet with DuckDuckGo without worrying about getting tracked by advertising websites. However, DuckDuckGo doesn’t have many features, and it doesn’t support plugins or browser extensions.

5. Opera

Opera Browser for Mac

Pros Cons
Features built-in VPN, Messenger, battery saver Slower than other browsers
Also, energy consumption is low Not compatible with a few websites
Moreover, supports third-party apps, & plugins

If you are looking for a browser that offers some unique features and benefits, Opera is a good option for you. It has a built-in VPN, ad blocker, battery saver, and messenger. Also, it has a sidebar that gives you quick access to your favorite apps and websites. However, Opera may not be as popular or widely supported as other browsers and may have some compatibility issues.

6. Edge

Microsoft Edge for Mac

Pros Cons
Faster, & Secure browser Consumes a lot of energy
Supports various plugins for browser Not compatible macOS versions older than Catalina
Also, has an AI-assisted search engine (Bing)

The successor of Internet Explorer, Edge is Microsoft’s new browser that aims to compete with Chrome and Safari. Edge is fast, secure, and compatible with most websites and extensions. Also, it has features such as collections, vertical tabs, immersive readers, and web capture. However, Edge may not be available on older versions of macOS or have as many extensions or apps as Chrome.

7. Vivaldi


Pros Cons
Customizable browser Slow browsing experience
Prevents tracking, and cookies Also, less stable than other browsers
Also, supports plugins

Vivaldi is a browser that lets you customize every aspect of your browsing experience. Also, you can change the theme, layout, tabs, panels, gestures, keyboard shortcuts, and more. Moreover, you can create tab groups, take notes, capture screenshots, and use web panels to access your favorite sites from the sidebar. Vivaldi also has a built-in ad blocker and tracker blocker that you can toggle on or off. However, Vivaldi may not be as fast or stable as other browsers.

Those were our 7 best picks for the browsers for your Mac computer. Also, check out our other guides, such as Best Apps for MacBook Pro 2016 or Best web design software for Mac.