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Best Apple Watch Faces (2023)

Here's the list of best Apple Watch Faces in 2023. Find out how to customize and download watch faces on your Apple Watch device now.

Do you want to customize your Apple Watch with different watch faces? There is no doubt that the watch faces are one of the most significant UI elements on the Apple Watch. For instance, whenever we take a look at our Apple Watch, the first thing we see is the watch face. Throughout the years, Apple has been working to improve the watch faces and adding new features (also called complications). In this article, I will be highlighting some of the best Apple Watch faces that can help your device to stand out of the league compared to others. Check out the list below.

Here Are The Best Apple Watch Faces (2023)

There are various methods to customize your Apple Watch’s home screen. While some of them provide as much data as possible, Apple also includes different options with great graphics.

You can use two different options to add or change an Apple Watch face. The first option to change the watch faces is on the Apple Watch itself, while the second option is by using the associated Watch app on your iPhone. You just have to go to the iPhone Watch app, and then go to the Face Gallery section. In any case, you can also check out some of the best apps listed below to keep your Apple Watch face always fresh.

1. California


First of all, you can bring that elegance to an Apple Watch with the California watch face. It is made up of half Roman and half Arabic numerals. This watch face allows you to customize the numbers on the dial for regular Californian style or other options, like all Roman ones. There are also several colors to choose from. The full-screen face option on the Series 4 and Series 5 watches has two complication points. There are four complication points in the smaller circular face.

2. MobyFace Exclusive Watch Faces

mobyface exclusive watch faces

MobyFace, which is available on the App Store, is basically the companion application of the straps sold by Mobyfox. It offers different styles based on pop culture: Star Wars, Harry Potter, NASA, MARVEL, DC, and many more. Within the same application, you can also choose wallpapers to match the purchased straps, although the download will still be allowed to anyone who downloads the application. Unfortunately, however, some watch faces will be made free only with the purchase of the straps focused on the same theme.

3. Watchsmith


You can also use another free application on the App Store called Watchsmith. This watch face allows you to generate perfect dials for every situation, and thus offers the modification of complications for every hour of the day. In this way, the user can use a specific one for training, one for good morning, one for work, or for any other time of day.

4. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

mickey mouse and minnie mouse watch face

There are many Disney fans who will surely love the Mickey Mouse watch face. With this watch app, you can select between the iconic Mickey or Minnie as the centerpiece of the face and even have the ability to customize the look of their clothes with many different color options. And as for a fun surprise: they will speak the time as well.

5. Buddywatch – Watch Faces

buddywatch watch faces

Buddywatch, which is also available for free on the App Store, is based on the same concept of sharing seen previously. In this case, however, great attention will also be paid to the details given by the straps. For example, for each dial, there will be a perfect strap to match, so as to give the user an extra stylistic choice. In addition, even the download options will be very simple to use, as, on each screen, there will be a ready-to-use DOWNLOAD button.

That is everything you need to know about the Best Apple Watch Faces in 2022. Also, do not forget to check out the Best Deepfake App for iPhone and iPad, and also Best Photo Hiding Apps for Android and IOS.