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Best Photo Hiding apps for Android and iOS (2023)

Here's the list of best photo and video hiding apps for Android and iOS devices in 2023. Download Keepsafe Photo Vault, Folder Lock and more.

Are you searching for the best apps for hiding photos, videos, and also other content like contacts, documents, and any other files you want on your smartphone? Well, we have selected a series of solutions and programs for Android and iOS devices that can protect private files from viewing in a way that is sometimes refined but still effective. In this article, let us find out what are the best photo hiding apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Best Photo Hiding apps for Smartphones in 2023

You might be looking for a way to hide or temporarily store private photos and videos in a secure way, so as to prevent the most important contents of your smartphone’s digital library from ending up in the wrong hands. Let us find out which are the best apps to hide photos and videos from online stores to protect privacy and security.

1. Vault

vault app

Vault is a very good app for Android and iOS devices that can easily hide photos and videos. It can also hide text messages, contacts, and apps that need to be kept private from unauthorized users. This app also features an internal browser that does not remember the sites visited, the passwords entered, and any conversations. In addition, from the Home screen, you can also make the Vault app icon disappear, recalling it only when needed with a password.

2. Folder Lock

folder lock

Folder Lock app allows you to put a personal password to the gallery with photos and videos on your smartphone to prevent anyone who does not have the code from accessing the contents. The same protection can also be extended to files, notes, credit cards, audio tracks, and other data contained on the mobile phone, ensuring total privacy.

3. Keepsafe Photo Vault

keepsafe photo vault

The best part of the Keepsafe Photo Vault app lies in the presence of some features that differentiate it from others. For example, you get the guaranteed level of military security and the absence from the list of recently used applications. It can be easily accessed with a pin, numerical sequence, or fingerprint. If you notice someone around you checking your photos or videos on your devices, you can simply flip the phone face down to activate the lock and the contents are saved on the cloud so as not to remain even on the phone memory.

That is everything you need to know about the best photo hiding apps for Android and iOS devices. While you are here, also check out our other guides like Best Free VPN for iPhone and Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 13.