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Best Antivirus for Mac in 2023

Here's a the list of best antivirus software for Mac operating system, including Intego Mac Internet Security X9, Bitdefender and more.

There were days when Mac computers were relatively immune to viruses and malware but now it seems that the Apple operating system is also not safe from trojan horses and various kinds of adware. In the year 2022 alone, it was reported that more than 800,000 malware variants hit macOS that contributed to great damage. Even though the Apple OS benefits from strong native security, the different types of malware and virus doesn’t allow it to be protected against all forms of threats. Therefore, it is very important to install a security application that is worthy of its name. In this guide, we will tell you the list of best antivirus software for your Mac computers below.

Best Antivirus Software for Mac (2023)

There are many security suite publishers that have refined their service to better protect the Mac operating system. You will get global protection to defend your device with these antivirus software, including the privacy and security of your personal data. Among the list of most reliable antivirus solutions, there is Norton, BitDefender, Avast, Kaspersky, and more. Below, you will find out the different functions of these antivirus programs in detail.

1. Norton 360 Premium

best antivirus software for mac Norton 360 Premium

The Norton 360 Premium antivirus is a very good all-in-one security solution against Internet threats that is also available on several devices, including Mac. The antivirus, however, is a little too aggressive to avoid false positives but it is very effective. The impact on Mac performance is always minimal. On Mac, despite some features that are not necessarily useful, we appreciate this effective and affordable solution which has an interesting advantage. Expert users will probably prefer a Kaspersky or a Bitdefender, but Norton 360 currently remains our favorite security software for the family.

2. Intego Mac Internet Security X9

best antivirus for mac Intego Internet Security X9

Intego Mac Internet Security X9 ranked as one of the best antiviruses for Mac in 2023. The company was founded in 1997 and its specificity lies in the fact that it has long focused exclusively on solutions for Macs. It offers a whole suite of software exclusively for Mac, including an antivirus. The company allows you to have effective software for a ridiculous price. It is all the more so since the data on your computer is sometimes priceless: its sentimental value can be infinite. If needed, Intego allows you to test the software for 30 days before deciding whether or not to extend the subscription.

3. Bitdefender

best antivirus for mac bitdefender

If Bitdefender is one of the best antiviruses, it is because it is compatible with many platforms. So you can install it on a computer with macOS, but also with Windows. It is also found on smartphones running Android or iOS. It is able to measure the spread of viruses and reacts within minutes. Your computer, which leaves the Bitdefender antivirus running continuously in the background, will therefore be quickly updated to avoid any risk of attack. Among the tools made available for a fee is the VPN.

4. Avast One

best antivirus software for mac avast one

At Avast, there are two options and that is either you opt for its free antivirus, or you opt for the Avast One formula. The free version is limited to antivirus, without being accompanied by essential elements to ensure the coverage of a Mac. In this case, Avast One comes with advanced confidentiality tools, alerts in the event of a compromised password, blocking of scams by email or telephone (phishing), or even a hard disk cleaning tool and a VPN (it is also too limited). But the best part is that Avast One allows you to have coverage on 5 devices simultaneously.

That’s all there is to know about the best antivirus software for Mac. In the meantime, do not forget to check out our other guides here: Best Free VPN for Mac PC to Visit Blocked Websites, and Best Xvid Codec Players for Mac.