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Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Legally (2023)

Here is the list of Best Free Anime Websites to Watch Anime Legally in 2023.

Gone are the days when watching anime was considered a niche passion for very few lovers of Japanese culture. By now the generations for which it was sacred to see Demon Slayer or Dragon Ball on TV have grown and represented a large part of the audience of new mediums based on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. In that sense, in this article, I will list down the best anime websites from where you can watch anime legally.

Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Legally in 2023

You can now find out many sites and apps dedicated to streaming that offer lots of anime to watch, in the original language or even in other languages, including very recent releases of Demon Slayer, Attack of Titan, or perhaps more niche series. If you don’t know where to start, here is a practical guide on services, free and paid, to watch anime in a completely legal way.

1. Amazon Prime Video – Best Anime Websites

amazon prime video

The number one best anime websites or apps that you can use is Amazon’s streaming platform. Amazon Prime Video is a great alternative to Netflix. Lately, the Amazon Prime Video anime catalog has expanded with some exclusives in size, even if in number it is not yet at the level of the rival. Despite this, it is possible to find some of the most interesting series that has recently aired in Japan, often also at the same time as the release on Japanese televisions. Among the most interesting series, we find Vinland Saga by Wit Studio (Attack on Titan until the third season), The Immortal, and Dororo. There are also other successful series also present on other platforms such as Attack on Titan or One Punch Man. Prime Video also has some vintage series, such as Gundam or GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka in its catalog.

2. Crunchyroll – Best Anime Websites in 2023

crunchyroll best anime websites to watch anime legally

Born as an amateur anime site, Crunchyroll has come a long way over the years to become the most important international anime viewing service in the world. It currently has 2 million subscribers and often has several important exclusives on new anime each season. It has also recently started producing original anime such as the recent Tower of God as well as The God of High School, both of which are based on popular webcomics born in South Korea.

Crunchyroll offers the most stocked catalog of anime and it is continuously updated with each new season with several simultaneous transmissions running parallel to the broadcasts on Japanese TV. Among the most famous series, we remember Naruto and its sequel Boruto, One Piece, Black Clover, Re:Zero, and many others.

3. Netflix


In the course of recent years, Netflix has understood the importance of anime in its catalog, taking an incredible step forward in terms of the variety present in the most used streaming service in the world. But that’s not all, as the American company has decided to go to the forefront and produce some original anime. Many successful products such as Demon Slayer, Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, or Devilman Crybaby exist thanks to the company’s funding.

There are also some of the most famous series in the world present in the catalog such as Attack oo Titan, The Promised Neverland, One Punch Man, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and much more. There are also more niche series for the general public, but very popular with fans such as Erased, Toaru Majutsu no Index, Fate/Stay Night, Drifters, etc. Netflix currently offers in many languages one of the most varied and quality anime catalogs of the various streaming services present.


vvvvid best anime websites to watch anime legally

VVVVID is a web TV that specializes above all in the broadcasting of anime, despite also spaces in other areas such as films and TV series. The anime present on the channel is often provided by Dynit, the historic publisher of important Japanese animated series.

Some series also dubbed in other languages often arrive on VVVVID, such as Tokyo Ghoul, which arrived on the platform without the usual television passage. Other important animes include My Hero Academia, All Jojo’s series including the last one: Vento Aureo, Death Note, and Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba also present. As mentioned, the service is free and offers a paid option to remove advertising from the channel. Recently it is also possible to rent anime and movies shown in the cinema. The service also has an official app for iOS and Android.

5. Now TV

now tv best anime websites to watch anime legally

Among other streaming services there are some platforms with a very limited offer, but with some interesting goodies. Now TV, for example, allows you to see Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the latest animated film dedicated to the work of Akira Toriyama, Doraemon, and a selection of anime dedicated to Lupine III. The service requires a subscription of $9.99 per month.

That is everything you need to know about the Best Anime Websites to watch anime legally in 2023. Also, do not forget to check out the Best Free Manga Apps for iPhone and iPad, and Best Epub Reader for Windows and Android.