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Apple Watch Comparison Chart

Check out the comparison chart between Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, as well as Ultra, SE 1st Gen, and SE 2nd gen smartwatches.

Apple offers a new watch every year that is suitable for everyone, whether you are an athlete or not. What all types of differences are there between Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8? Which specific mode to choose? Should you buy the latest model, the Apple Watch 8, or the new Apple Watch SE 2 (more affordable) or Ultra (for sports) models? In this article, you will discover the comparison chart between all these Apple Watch models in detail below.

Best Apple Watch Comparison Chart

apple watch comparison chart

Since April 2015 year, the release date of its first Apple Watch, the Apple brand has continued to surprise us every year by offering a new, ever more sophisticated version of its smartwatch. More recently, other models complete the range, such as the Apple Watch SE, a lighter, more affordable model, as well as Apple Watch Ultra, for sports. So, to help you out in understanding what are the major differences between each model, we offer this comparison chart of the Apple Watch below.

1. Apple Watch SE 1st Gen GPS+Cellular

The Apple Watch SE 1st Gen model equipped with the cellular function is marketed at an affordable price. This is the advantage of acquiring an earlier version of the Apple Watch SE. This watch also benefits from physio and sports monitoring, with a choice of personalized objectives.

2. Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen GPS+Cellular

It’s the best Apple Watch SE 2, thanks to its built-in cellular function, turning it into a true standalone phone. Its value for money is one of the most interesting in terms of the features it has. Its accident detector is one of its strengths compared to SE 1.

3. Apple Watch Ultra GPS+Cellular

This is the most capable Apple Watch. Its autonomy of 36 to 60 hours is impressive. The Ultra smartwatch is designed for adventurers. With an IPX6 rating and a water resistance of 100 m, it withstands the most extreme conditions. Equipped with GPS and cellular functions, it replaces your phone, to accompany you on a tour.

4. Apple Watch Series 8 GPS

The technological advancements of the Apple Watch Series 8 are beyond any doubt. This range of watches is equipped with high-end features, thanks to a much more complete set of body sensors than on previous versions. One of them takes your temperature throughout the day and provides women with an optimized reading of their cycles. Health monitoring is also supplemented by a study of oxygen saturation in the blood, as well as an electrocardiogram. Add to that the analysis of your sleep phases and you get a very advanced assessment of your state of form. The detection of accidents and falls is always present on the Apple Watch 8, as well as the many sports modes, offering detailed statistics of your performance during the session.

5. Apple Watch Ultra GPS

The new Apple Watch Ultra collection rises above all the others. It is by far the most successful Apple Watch and it will therefore cost nearly $799 to offer it to you. The model we have selected is the most complete, integrating GPS and cellular communication by independent SIM card. Apple clearly wants to compete with models aimed at extreme sports enthusiasts and adventurers. Autonomy is therefore one of its strengths, with 36 hours in normal consumption and up to 60 hours in energy-saving mode.

6. Apple Watch Series 3 GPS

The Apple Watch Series 3 are no longer produced nowadays. It is therefore a refurbished watch that is suggested on many reseller sites at a very attractive price, making it accessible to a wider audience. Although the information is not clearly stated, it is equipped with cellular functionality and offers a slot for a SIM card and thus converting it into a real phone. For an investment of around $100 – $149.99, this product is good for fans of high technology at a reduced price.

7. Apple Watch Series 7

At its first glance, the Apple Watch Series 7 looks exactly similar to its previous models. It retains a rectangular case with rounded corners, a side button, and a Digital Crown/Home button. However, it is distinguished by a slightly larger case and much narrower edges than other models. This smartwatch comes with the latest generation of Apple’s operating system, watchOS 8, which offers a lot of new features, including support for home number keys, overnight breathing tracking, and workout tracking options.

8. Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch 4 also has good health monitoring functions, including the famous electrocardiogram (ECG), a miniaturized medical device intended to detect certain cardiac anomalies, and the detection of falls with the call of an emergency number. The technical improvements are also notable, where you can find a larger screen with thin and rounded edges, new generation sensors, and a processor 2 times fast. The Apple Watch 4 has not been marketed by Apple since September 2019 since its replacement by the Apple Watch 5. However, some online stores will sell it while stocks last.

9. Apple Watch Series 5

Launched in 2019, the Apple Watch 5 can be seen as an Apple Watch 4+, a model that replaces the Apple Watch 4 (the latter is therefore no longer marketed). The novelties can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Apple seems to be upgrading its watch here to keep up with the competition rather than releasing a new model. Apart from a screen that stays on all the time, a compass, and some revised components to consume less battery, the changes are not significant.

10. Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6 was launched in 2020 and it is not a big revolution. It comes with some additional features like a pulse oximeter for measuring the blood oxygen level, a new precise altimeter to measure the height of the waves when surfing, etc. You will also find a screen 2.5 times brighter outside in Apple Watch Series 6, along with a faster processor, dual-band Wi-Fi, a new chip for managing smart objects, and some new features brought by watchOS 7, including the detailed analysis of sleep.

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