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Best Apple Watch Features – New Features Of watchOS 10

Here's a guide with some new and best unknown features of Apple Watch that were introduced in the latest watchOS 10 update.

Apple watches have a lot more to offer than fitness tracking, health updates, or setting reminders. With the coming of the new watchOS 10, there are a lot of new features added to the Apple Watch. It offers you a more personalized and user-friendly experience. The new watch faces give the Apple Watch a new look. So, in this guide let’s take a look at some of the best Apple Watch features.

Best Apple Watch Features Introduced in watchOS 10

There is much more than just fitness tracking that the Apple Watch provides. Here are some more features that you need to have a look at:

1. The Fitness Tracker

Fitness Apple Watch Feature

When it comes to one of the best features of the Apple Watch, it is the fitness tracking. From tracking your inside Yoga goals to the swimming sessions, it gives an insight into all of them. To start tracking, tap on the Workout app and select the workout you want to keep track of. You can either set the goals manually or keep track of what you have been working out. You can track your footsteps, the number of calories burned, your SWOLF score while swimming, and more. Along with that, you also get activity rings that help you see the number of times you have moved, set your everyday goals, and reward you on your goal achievement.

2. Health Tracking app

You also get a Health app that helps you track your heart rate, oxygen levels in your blood, tracking your sleep, and also fall protection. The fall protection features help to track a strong fall and allows you to call for help just with a tap. These all are available under different app names like the Sleep Health app, Heart Rate app, and more which can help you to be more fit.

3. Personalized Apple Watch Faces

Apple Watch Faces

You can change the way your watch face looks and what you want to see on it. This can be done either with your Apple Watch or iPhone. Also, you can switch between multiple watch faces according to your mood, time, and day. You have many options to select from like the astronomy face, artistic face, the activity analog or digital option, and more. The maximum number of faces you can choose is 3, and you can add up to 24 different photos that keep changing.

4. Dock in Apple Watch

The Dock is something where you can see the recently used apps of your Apple Watch. But there is a hidden feature that allows you to see your favorite or most used apps. You can add your favorite apps and have quick access to them. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Dock, change the settings from recent to favorites, and now add your list of favorite apps to the list. Also, you can do this using the My Watch app on your iPhone by going to the My Watch app > Dock. Then change settings from recent to favorites, and add the list of your favorite apps.

5. Widgets on Apple Watch

The watchOS 10 brings new widgets to Apple Watch that comes with Smart Stack where you can access different widgets according to your need. This is similar to the Smart Stack in your iPhone. A group of widgets appears on your Apple Watch face, and you can easily access different apps like weather, fitness, health, and more from there. Also, you can change the order in which the widgets appear. From being able to see the weather forecast to having your boarding pass while traveling it will have all.

6. Manage your Calls and Messages

You can directly use the watch to see or reply to a text, call or receive a phone, and also save notes without taking out your iPhone. You can even play music on the go, keep track of your bank account, make payments, and more using the watch.

7. Siri Commands

You can command Siri through your watch to set alarms, and reminders, make a call, and more. This makes the work easier and quicker. You can also ask Siri to keep track of your daily workout, set your goals, and much more. There are a lot more features that the Apple Watch has to offer. It works well with all Apple devices, it is kid-friendly, you can have a GPS tracking system, looks for the safety of the user, and more.

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