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Xbox Game Pass Will Reportedly Lose Major Sports Game This Month

Some Xbox Game Pass users have been notified that one of its biggest sports games will be leaving the service at the end of August.

Xbox Game Pass may have already anticipated the farewell of a very important sports title from its catalog of free games: it seems that some users have already received a curious notification directly from the mobile app, which would have announced the news in advance. Check out the complete details below.

Xbox Game Pass Will Lose Major Sports Game This Month

xbox game pass to lose major sports game this month

Some users subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service have shared recently a curious screenshot from their smartphones, which communicates the farewell of the most requested title by basketball fans all over the world.

We are of course talking about NBA 2K22, the last chapter of the famous Take-Two sports simulation: if the news were confirmed, it would therefore be a heavy farewell for sports fans.

Considering that there are already those who fear the farewell of one of the most loved free games of all time, even if it should be remembered that it has not yet been officially confirmed by those directly involved, the end of August could prove to be decidedly problematic for subscribers.

As per reports, some fans have in fact reported that they have received a notification from their app of the subscription service, to warn them of the imminent goodbye of NBA 2K22 from August 31st.

The wording indicates that the game is about to “head back to the bench”, but that users registered with Xbox Game Pass will be able to take advantage of a 20% discount to be able to continue playing forever with the latest basketball simulation.

NBA2K22 leaving soon on 31 Aug from XboxGamePass

Recall that the announcement has not yet been officially confirmed by Microsoft in any official ways, but the news would not seem particularly surprising: a few days after its removal, NBA 2K23 will arrive, even if it will not be available for free on day one.

In any case, in the next few hours the Redmond house should officially announce what will be all the new free games and the title leaving the month of August 2022: as always, we will keep you promptly updated on our pages with all the latest news.

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