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Xbox Game Pass: Day One Free Games for July 2022 Revealed

Here are the new day-one games coming to the Xbox Game Pass service in July 2022, including Immortality, Escape Academy and more.

Xbox Game Pass is an ever-expanding catalog, so much so that now the first games we can get our hands on during the month of July 2022 begin to make their way. Check out the list of Xbox Game Pass titles that will be available on day one in July 2022 below.

Xbox Game Pass July 2022 Day One Free Games Revealed

xbox game pass july 2022 day one free games

The Xbox Game Pass subscription service focuses strongly on the news, so much so that even in this very hot summer there does not seem to be a moment of respite. Now, after the first 3 free games available on Xbox Game Pass on day one in August have been unveiled, the first and welcome confirmations for July arrive.

According to reports, next month will see the arrival of a really interesting cooperative multiplayer title. In fact, Escape Academy was originally scheduled for June 28 as an Xbox Game Pass game on day one, only to be unfortunately delayed to next month.

The game is in fact scheduled for July 14, downloadable for free and at no cost by all subscribers to the service. Escape Academy supports both local and online split-screen co-ops, so it should be a great choice for anyone looking for something new to play with a friend.

A little further down, however, you will find the list of Xbox Game Pass games for July 2022 confirmed so far:

  • Far Cry 5 – July 1
  • Last Call BBS – July 5th
  • Matchpoint Tennis Championships – July 7th
  • Escape Academy – July 14th
  • As Dusk Falls – July 19
  • Immortality – July 26

In addition, like every month, there are also 4 games that will leave the subscription service of Microsoft. Here is the list of games that will leave the Xbox Game Pass starting June 30, 2022:

  • FIFA 20
  • Moto GP 20
  • Jurassic World Evolution
  • Last Stop

Remember that the subscribers of Xbox Game Pass have the opportunity to take advantage of 20% on the purchase of the games in the catalog.