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Xbox Game Pass: Games Leaving in April 2022 Leaked Early

Here are the games that could be leaving Xbox Game Pass in the coming weeks in April 2022, and there is one that is very famous.

Xbox Game Pass has forcefully entered the life of all players, imposing a new way of approaching the distribution of video game products. Microsoft’s subscription service stands out more and more both for the extraordinary variety of content it offers and for its remarkable quality. In this article, you will find out the list of games leaving Xbox Game Pass in April 2022 that has been leaked early.

Xbox Game Pass: Games Leaving in April 2022

Xbox Game Pass Games Leaving in April 2022

In the Xbox Game Pass catalog, there are a lot of outstanding titles, some of them to be discovered, but many are real gems not to be missed. For example, there are many games of the year, and winners of GOTY awards, which testify to the crystal clear value of the service.

Within Xbox Game Pass, as we know by now, new games are constantly being added, to replenish and update a list that is already extraordinarily rich. If it is true that there are those who enter, it is also true that games are periodically removed from the catalog.

Now, we now offer you a list of titles that may soon leave the list of free products through the Xbox Game Pass service. According to the Leaving Soon page on the official Xbox site, 5 games of Game Pass are expected to leave in the coming weeks, and among them, there is a respectable one.

The games that apparently will be removed from the Xbox Game Pass catalog are therefore as follows:

  • The Long Dark (console and PC)
  • Rain on Your Parade (console and PC)
  • MLB The Show 21 (console and PC)
  • Destiny 2 (PC)
  • Pathway (PC)

The console version of Destiny 2 had already been removed from the Game Pass months ago, so it is plausible that the PC version will soon face the same fate.

While waiting to find out if these titles will actually leave the catalog of Microsoft’s offer, remember that Game Pass also offers other interesting things, such as access to many Marvel comics at no additional cost.