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Xbox Game Pass Is Getting 4 Day One Games Announced for August 2022

The Xbox Game Pass catalog will add at least four games as of their day-one during August 2022.

For the upcoming month of August, now imminent, we know that there will be new entries in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, the subscription service that allows for a fixed fee to access a library of titles at will. Now, it has been confirmed that there will be at least 4 games available from day one in the Microsoft subscription service in the next month. Check them out below.

Xbox Game Pass Will Get 4 Day One Games Announced for August 2022

xbox game pass 4 day one games august 2022 midnight fight express

Xbox Game Pass has made a good name for itself because it has often offered video games since day one, both produced by Xbox Game Studios and by third parties, and the next month of August will be no exception.

In fact, it has been confirmed that next month we will have four games since day one included in the subscription, which you can start on demand at will on your console, your PC, or your favorite cloud platform.

The games will be:

  • Turbo Golf Racing: August 4
  • Two Point Campus: August 9
  • Midnight Fight Express: August 23
  • Immortality: August 30

For those who missed what it is, Immortality is the new game signed by Sam Barlow, already awarded author of Her Story and Telling Lies. We will find ourselves at the center of an intrigue in which a hopeful actress who took part in three unreleased films has disappeared. The game will once again be made with real footage and it will be necessary to analyze the clips of the films to reconstruct the story and the clues, so as to understand what happened.

Midnight Fight Express, on the other hand, is an isometric fighting game where you have to give it to your enemies, in a world where crime reigns supreme. The curious side is that you too are a former criminal, brought back to life just to save the city.

Two Point Campus, in the wake of the beloved Two Point Hospital, allows you to create your own completely freaked college campus, promising to get more than a laugh and splitting between more realistic management activities – such as budget management – and inclusion in the curriculum of absolutely important courses such as those on … magic wands.

Finally, Turbo Golf Racing is a game that clearly recalls Rocket League, but replaces football goals with the need to hole up with challenges of up to eight players who will battle it out on an unusual green.