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Xbox Free Play Days: Try These Xbox Games for Free This Weekend (August 18-21)

Microsoft has announced three games for Xbox Free Play Days in August 2022, including titles such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Outriders and more.

Xbox has recently announced another 3 new free games available only for the weekend, which you can download from now on directly to your consoles, as long as you subscribe to one of the subscription services. These are in fact the new games belonging to the Free Play Days promotion, reserved exclusively for users registered with Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold as a bonus to reward their loyalty. Check out the complete details below.

Xbox Free Play Days: Free Xbox Games You Can Try This Weekend

xbox free play days august 18 to 21

The official website of Xbox has in fact made official the new free games as part of Free Play Days, which also include two important RPGs that are extremely different from each other.

As you can see in the official image published at the top of this article, from now on you can download The Elder Scrolls Online, Outriders, and Just Die Already on your consoles: a particularly attractive promotion for Gold subscribers, taking into account that the role-playing games offered are already currently available on Xbox Game Pass.

Recall that The Elder Scrolls Online is the award-winning multiplayer adaptation of the hugely popular Bethesda saga: the promotion will give you free access to the standard edition, which includes the basic campaign and the additional Morrowind chapter.

Outriders is instead the hybrid between a role-playing game and a third-person shooter published by Square Enix, available on Xbox Game Pass since day one: it is a fun cooperative title that can be played by up to 3 players.

Finally, Just Die Already is a crazy sandbox created by the authors of Goat Simulator in which we will play elderly people struggling with dangerous trials to earn sweaty retirement tickets.

You can download these fun free weekend Xbox games directly via your reference consoles or, alternatively, by simply clicking on the following links:

Speaking of free games, we point out that the Microsoft subscription service of Xbox Game Pass has just added 8 new titles to download for the second half of August 2022.