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Will FIFA 22 Have Loot Boxes? Electronic Arts Clarifies

EA says yes to the loot boxes in FIFA 22, but in a very special way.

FIFA 22 is about to receive the kick-off with the famous loot boxes, thus preparing us for the new season of the famous EA football simulator. FIFA Ultimate Team players are therefore preparing for a title that promises to carry the franchise forward, especially considering the power of the new generation. After all, EA has recently explained how Hypermotion Technology will work, a technology that promises to go even “beyond” the next-gen consoles.

FIFA 22 Will Have Loot Boxes

FIFA 22 Will Have Loot Boxes

A few days ago a small controversy emerged between Electronic Arts and AC Milan, which on Twitter seems to have brought to the attention of followers a lack linked to some player cards.

Now, as reported by Eurogamer.net, EA has hinted that with FIFA 22 FUT the prize crates or loot boxes will also return. However, it seems that the developer intends to increase the use of the so-called “Preview Packs,” a solution already adopted with FIFA 21.

Basically, it is a system that allows you to get an idea in advance of the contents of the packages to be purchased in FIFA Ultimate Team. These preview packs allow you to see all the specific items contained within a box before making the decision to purchase with FUT Coins or FIFA Points.

If you decide not to buy the package, you will see it in preview in the shop, with an expiring timer that will explain how much time is left before seeing it replaced with a second box.

The issue related to loot boxes has often held the ground in recent months, so much so that there are those who harshly criticize this feature defining it as gambling. Some countries, such as Belgium as well as the United Kingdom, have also brought the matter to Parliament.