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The Finals Gameplay Tips: 4 Crucial Tips You Must Know Before Starting

Here are some of the best tricks and tips that will help you to survive longer in The Finals match.

The Finals is just out and is one of the most exciting free-to-play combat games. This game will take you into an entirely new world of battle royale arena. So if you have just started playing this game or planning to enter a match then here are some important The Finals beginners tips. In this guide, you will learn how to use the game environments, weapon tips, items, and perks for your advantage, and more.

Best The Finals Gameplay Tips

This game confuses you easily as it focuses a lot on build type like a pro combat gameplay mode, weapons, items, and specialization. Here are some of the most necessary information you will need before playing The Finals.

1. Picking the right Build: 

The Finals Build

The Finals rightnow offers three types of Builds. They are Light, Medium, and Heavy. Light Build focuses on speed but lacks a good health bar. It is best when you are playing in stealth or choose to go with hit-n-run gameplay mode. So if you are among the players who focus on speed where staying in the area is not your goal then go with the Light Build.

Medium Build brings in speed and damage side by side but in a balanced way. It is a mix of Light and Heavy build features. Players with this build are the best healers, are they can evade faster from attacks faster. They can instantly heal their allies, scan for objects, and provide support during combat.

Heavey Build is best for survivability, it is ideal to stay in combat. Because of the heavy weapons used, it will reduce your speed. Players with this build can focus on building blockages, they have more firepower for demolition.

The best build to start with is Medium and Heavy. Avoid Light if you are not well aware of the combat mechanics and game environment. Each build has a different type of equipment to use. For example, Light Build can use a Grappling Hook or a Cloacking Device, or an Evasive Dash.

2. Purchase Items:

The Finals Buy Items

You will get 10,000 in-game cash to refill your inventory. More can be earned by winning matches and challenges. Every item including Specialization like Grappling Hook comes with a price tag. So you have to spend wisely if you are new to the game. Spend on gadgets well for example Explosive Mine will cost 1000. Having a few of them with you can help you to damage multiple enemies.

Light Build Specialization:

  • Grappling Hook – 600
  • Cloaking Device – 600
  • Evasive Dash – 600

Medium Build Specialization:

  • Healing Beam – 600
  • Guardian Turret – 600
  • Recon Senses – 600

Heavy Build Specialization:

  • Charge ‘N’ Slam – 600
  • God Gun – 600
  • Mesh Sheild – 600

3. Practice:

The Finals Quick Play Mode

Do not jump into Quick Cash or Bank It gameplay mode at the start. Quick Cash can reward you with 20,000 if won and Bank It can give you 40,000. But it is a high-speed combat match of 3vs3vs3 (Quick Cash) & 3vs3vs3vs3 (Bank It). You die and other players can steal your cash. So practice a lot, learn about your build, and then jump into the Quick Play.

4. Battlepass & Contracts:

The Finals Contracts

The Finals Battlepass brings in a lot of amazing cosmetics and contracts. You will have Daily challenges under the contracts section that will reward you with XP. This will help you to level up, do complete all the challenges here. This is the best way to earn coins and XP in the game. There are Daily, Weekly, and Season challenges.

We will update more info on The Final game, till then stay tuned and do check back for more amazing tips and tricks. Till then check our The Finals Explosive items guide to figure out how you can use free explosives in your favor to increase your winning chances.