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The Finals Explosive Guide – Types of Explosives You Must Use

The Finals have cylinders scattered in the environment, some of them are powerful enough to bring down an entire roof or burn down a full house.

The Finals are all about chances and combat, if your opponent gets a chance to burn down the entire building they will not waste time. It is necessary you know the different types of explosive cylinders scattered in the area. Like the small red one, if you shoot the cylinder it will go like a rocket in one direction and explode. The cylinder is strong enough to break walls and roofs, and there are more powerful ones. You can always use them for your benefits, here are some tips on how to use explosive cylinders in The Finals.

All Types of Explosive Cylinders in The Finals (Combat Tips)

The Finals Explosives

Always look out for these two cubes. One is with a yellow sign marked as flammable and the second one with red. The yellow one when attacked will release fire and then explode after a few seconds. It will create a huge explosion that is capable of destroying anyone in the vicinity. The second one will release small red cylinders that will charge in any random direction and explode on impact. If you see this anywhere stay away from it, or you can lure your enemies towards them and ask a teammate to shoot it. Both can cause high damage and are one of the best ways to turn around a match in your favor.

 The Finals Red Cylinder

In the above The Finals screenshot you can see the red explosive cylinders. Press F to grab them and throw them in any direction of your choice and then shoot with a gun. This gives an advantage to take down enemies from a distance. The good thing about the telekinesis ability is you can throw objects far away. You don’t really need to go near to the enemy to do this.

The Finals Yellow Explosive Barrels

Looking for more damage, then try these yellow barrels. Grab one and throw it in enemies direction. Then shoot and it will start burning, after a while it will explode causing a fire in the area. This fire keeps on burning causing contact damage to the enemies. It is an ideal way to trap someone or a group of enemies together.

The Finales Types of Explosives

Now there are three more types of explosives you must watch out for. The first one is black will release powder that will block enemies’ vision, the second releases poison and the third one blocks enemies with a white wall of Goo. They are very helpful in combat.

The Finales Types of Explosives

The Finales Types of Explosives

You can use the black one to hide from enemies, and the green one to release toxins. Anyone who passes through that will face some health damage, and the smoke remains active for a while. That is why your team must be the first one to get this. For the third one, you can shoot the green to summon a Goo wall. It’s a thick temporary wall that will block enemies for a while. Also, it is breakable, but a simple way to slow down opponents’ attacks. It is necessary to smartly use these explosives for your benefit.

So these was all types of explosives you can find in the game. For more help, you can check our The Finals Beginners guide. it has some crucial tips that will help you to improve your game if you have just started playing.