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The Elder Scrolls VI Will Be An Xbox Exclusive Title, Phil Spencer Confirms

Phil Spencer has basically confirmed that The Elder Scrolls VI will be an Xbox exclusive game. The title will release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

On the occasion of Microsoft’s 20th-anniversary celebrations for Xbox, Phil Spencer basically confirmed that The Elder Scrolls VI will be an Xbox exclusive game once it becomes online. The head of Microsoft provided this information in an interview with a famous magazine. This means that, the game will not release on PlayStation consoles, but will be released on PC and Xbox consoles only. Check out all the details given about the game below.

The Elder Scrolls VI Will Be Xbox Exclusive, Phil Spencer Confirms

the elder scrolls vi release xbox and pc

In an interview with the GQ website, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, seems to have confirmed that The Elder Scrolls VI will be released exclusively for the Xbox platform. It’s not presented as an established fact, but judging by the words of Spencer it almost certainly looks like an Xbox exclusive.

During the interview, Spencer revealed what he thinks of how the RPG will enter the Xbox lineup. “It’s not about punishing any other platform, I fundamentally believe all of the platforms can continue to grow, but in order to be on Xbox, I want us to be able to bring the full complete package of what we have,” Spencer said. “And that would be true when I think about Elder Scrolls VI. That would be true when I think about any of our franchises.”

Later in the same interview Todd Howard, director of Bethesda, discussed his first months of working within the Xbox highlighting how the Game Pass has changed the way of designing within the studio.

“Before [Game Pass] you might want to make this game, and then you’re gonna sit in a lot of forecasting sales meetings, and say, ‘well, I don’t know if we can make that game’,” Howard says. “Game Pass opens up the creative canvas to many more types of games that may not find an audience in other ways.”

Howard recently said Bethesda would like to release The Elder Scrolls VI sooner than expected, although we’ll likely see that in several years. In recent news, Phil Spencer has also confirmed that The Elder Scrolls 6 will not be released until after the new Fable.