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The Division 2 Title Update 12 Available for Download Today

Today, Tuesday, the action role-playing game The Division 2 will be given the extensive title update #12 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The so-called “The Summit” challenges and other innovations are offered.

In the course of today, the servers of the action role-playing game “The Division 2” went offline due to maintenance work. If everything goes as planned, the maintenance work will be completed around 12:30 AM PT. The current maintenance work is accompanied by the release of the extensive update #12, which once again brings various improvements and innovations. These include the challenges for the game mode of The Summit.

According to official information, The Summit challenges have been divided into two different categories. The Tactical Challenges revolve around, for example, executing a certain number of headshots or destroying enemy weak points. In contrast, the so-called “Ascent Challenges” are about progress and difficulty. For example, you may need to secure three floors in a single session or complete a boss floor with six directives without incapacitating an agent.

At the same time, The Summit mode has been enriched, according to official information, with additional rewards such as exclusive awards or targeted loot. However, it does not stop with the innovations of The Summit mode. Instead, The Division 2 community can look forward to a return of the optimization station. This can be reached via the recalibration station and helps you to get everything out of the respective equipment object by using its values ​​to the maximum.

Revised global event rewards, new equipment, and playful adjustments round off today’s update. All further details on the new features are available from the official changelog, which is waiting for you here.