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Street Fighter 6 Will Be Reportedly Revealed Next Week

Street Fighter 6 announcement could be coming next week, according to the reporter Jeff Grubb in his latest episode of Grubbsnax.

A few days back, on the Capcom website, a mysterious countdown appeared that left several players intrigued. Many players were speculating that this is a future chapter in the Resident Evil saga but, apparently, not all the clues at our disposal have been noticed. Now it seems that the famous fighting series of Street Fighter 6 is going to be announced, according to a well-known insider in the gaming industry.

Street Fighter 6 To Be Revealed Next Week?

street fighter 6 reveal next week

According to reports, Jeff Grubb in his latest episode of Grubbsnax, indicated that Capcom is about to announce the Street Fighter 6 game next Monday, which is in line with rumors that appeared before in 2020, and it was supposed to be available during the past year, but development problems led to delay the launch of the game.

Capcom has set the deadline for the countdown with exactly another event that it has always organized every year, the Capcom Pro Tour. In this tournament, the best Street Fighter players compete for a prize pool of $200,000. The countdown will end exactly with the grand finale of the tournament.

Also, this tournament was supposed to mark the end of the cycle of events for Street Fighter 5 which hasn’t received any updates for 2 years.

The insider Jeff Grubb in his latest podcast now reinforces the theory of the hypothetical presentation of the next chapter of the Street Fighter saga. The insider says the most likely title that could be announced by Capcom is Street Fighter 6.

With these new theories, we can only wait for the end of the countdown scheduled for next week on Monday. This is not the only rumor that was revealed by Jeff Grubb in his podcast: among the many hypotheses, there is also another rumor related to the release of the next Dragon Age 4, which is rumored to come out 18 months from today, scheduling it for the end of 2023.