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Star Wars Eclipse Will be Heavily Inspired by Detroit Become Human, Quantic Dream Confirms

Star Wars Eclipse will have many points in common with Detroit Become Human and other Quantic Dream productions.

Star Wars Eclipse, the new video game chapter of Star Wars made by Quantic Dream, in the end could be much more similar to their previous works like Detroit Become Human, at least according to the official words of the development team. Check out the complete details below.

Star Wars Eclipse Will be Heavily Inspired by Detroit Become Human

star wars eclipse heavily inspired detroit become human

Star Wars Eclipse will maintain the fundamentals of Quantic Dream’s games, but it will be an action-adventure at heart. In fact, the authors intend to create an ambitious work that draws inspiration from one of the aspects that made Detroit Become Human successful: the possibility of shaping the story ourselves from different points of view.

An element that has always distinguished the works of Quantic Dream, which after being officially acquired by the giant NetEase, now has all the necessary resources to carry out their vision.

In an interview with IGN, the CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere, therefore, stressed that Star Wars Eclipse will keep all the gameplay aspects that fans expect from their studio, reiterating that it will still be a narrative action-adventure.

Of course, despite having particularly similar aspects to works like Detroit Become Human, the team will continue to innovate and experiment with new ideas for what is a particularly ambitious project:

“With Star Wars Eclipse we’re certainly going to keep the fundamental elements of a Quantic Dream game; very strong story, very strong characters, multiple playable characters, and of course, giving the players the possibility to change, through their actions and decisions, how the story unfolds.”

The CEO, however, stressed that it will not be identical to their previous works, reiterating to keep in mind that it is an action-adventure game and that the action elements will play a very important role.

It remains of course to understand if this will mean the abandonment of the Quick Time Events or their further evolution: unfortunately no further clarifications have arrived on the subject, but Quantic Dream has promised that they will deepen the subject in the future.

According to some rumors, it would take much longer to develop Star Wars Eclipse than expected and a launch could even delay to 2027. A speculation to which the same production team responded, however, who wanted to clarify that they had not announced any release date.