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Star Wars Eclipse Reportedly Delayed Until 2027/28

According to a new report, Quantic Dream's Star Wars Eclipse seems to be hit by further delay as the game is pushed back to 2027-2028.

There are some reports emerging regarding Star Wars Eclipse, the most anticipated project of Quantic Dream set in the Star Wars universe. The game was announced in the last event of The Game Awards but immediately the reports of several insiders framed its release over the next few years (from 2024 onwards). Today, as per a new report from Tom Henderson, Star Wars Eclipse has been rumored to be delayed until 2027-2028.

Star Wars Eclipse Reportedly Delayed To 2027-2028

star wars eclipse delayed to 2027

Do you remember Star Wars Eclipse, the title announced by Quantic Dream inspired by the most famous science fiction saga in the world? The title was announced during The Game Awards 2021, with a trailer that won overall fans of the George Lucas saga.

Many had already guessed that Star Wars Eclipse would come a long way off, because Quantic Dream has no small difficulty in filling up its workforce. And, despite the time that has elapsed since the announcement, things don’t seem to be improving for the development team.

According to a report by Tom Henderson, who is usually a very reliable source, Quantic Dream is still having a hard time hiring staff for Star Wars Eclipse. Through the site xFire, Henderson has revealed further details on how far the development of the title is for the time being.

Already at the time of the announcement, the report had explained how, according to its sources, the title would not be released before 3-4 years after the announcement. So roughly in 2025.

Subsequently, Quantic Dream was at the center of some scandals regarding misconduct in the workplace. Stories that have led many working figures to move away and, consequently, a difficulty in hiring new ones due to the same scandals mentioned above.

Even today, apparently, the development team is struggling to recover the lost workforce. According to some job offers that appeared online, published by Quantic Dream, there are roles that are vacant, and whose work process is, therefore, visible still today.

Hence the idea that, given the 3-4 years of development forecast, the title can come out no earlier than 2027-2028. A new confirmation of what Henderson already claimed months ago, before having recovered further evidence.