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Star Wars Eclipse: What We Are Hoping, Release Date, Plot & More (Opinion Piece)

Everything from this point forward is not confirmed and is total speculation and things that we’d personally like to see from this game.

It was rumored/ leaked a while ago that Quantic dream may be working on a Star Wars game and low and behold, Game Awards gave us the confirmation. Quantic Dream is indeed working on a Star Wars game called Star Wars Eclipse but what is it? Since it is early in development and was just announced there isn’t a lot to go about but let’s just discuss the things we know about this new Star Wars project.

What is Star Wars Eclipse?

Let’s just start with what we know.

  • It’s being developed by Quantic Dream, quite possibly under David Cage.
  • It’s titled an action-adventure game which either means it’ll be broader than their previous titles or it’ll feature some elements like exploration and combat other than the narrative.
  • It’s set in the high republic era of the Star Wars universe which means no Luke Skywalker but we will get to meet new and interesting characters.
  • It’s an original story featuring multiple playable characters with different personalities and that your choices will shape where the tale goes. Still, no word on it being canon or not.
  • It’s in the early stages of development so don’t expect it before 2023 at the bare minimum if not 2024 or even 2025.

That’s all the information we have folks but we sure can speculate about what we are going to get and you know what/ We will!

What We Are Hoping From Star Wars Eclipse?

Everything from this point forward is not confirmed and is total speculation and things that we’d personally like to see from this game. Do not take any of this as confirmation at all. With that out of the way, let’s start.

Star Wars Eclipse Release Date

Good Narrative:

What we are definitely going to get is A Good Narrative. Whether it was Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls, or Detroit Become Human, they all had one thing in common, a very well-written narrative. David Cage is no stranger to writing, it’s interesting and well-thought-out stories. So there is no doubt in my mind that Eclipse will feature a very intriguing narrative.

Each game from Quantic Dream grew in scale and size but stayed true to its roots of choice-based storytelling. Detroit Become Human was a very good example of what a choice-based narrative story looks like with some exploration/ combat mixed in for good measure. Eclipse I feel like, will grow even further on this formula and bring us a game that has rich detailed environments to explore and even fights with lightsaber duels. If certain scenes from the trailer are anything to go by, combined with the fact that the game is labeled as an “action-adventure” title, the possibilities of it being more than just the story seem pretty certain.

Multiple Characters:

Star Wars Eclipse Release Date

It’s stated that there will be multiple characters, each with unique personalities and my hope from this is that nothing about the characters has to be scripted. What I mean by that is, just like in Detroit, if I mess up the choice the character could possibly die or if I make the right choices I should be able to have romance options, companions, and other stuff. Narrative and choice have always been at the forefront in games by Quantic Dream and I hope and pray that the “PG-13” Disney logo doesn’t meddle with the mature writing style and options that Quantic Dream is more than capable of. Multiple endings, overarching stories, the fate of characters, romance options, and more should be present and all these things should be totally dependent on the choices I as the player make and not be pre-baked into the game.

Finally, we don’t want the game to be locked behind any platform. Quantic Dream already said they won’t be exclusively making games for PlayStation after Detroit Become Human, but that can always change. It’s Star Wars, make it available across all platforms be it PlayStation and Xbox and PC and everything in between. Let everyone enjoy the brilliant work that Quantic Dream is more than capable of crafting.

& Of-course PG-13 

Gripping story, amazing visuals, some freedom in gameplay, a little bit of exploration, and not having a “PG-13” logo are all we are asking from this game. And before you say anything, NO, this is not a tall order. All of these things are extremely possible as Quantic Dream proved with Detroit with ease. Okay, maybe the PG-13 thing is impossible considering this is Disney but hey, you never know. The trailer looked very dark and times are changing indeed. It’d be nice to see a dark and mature tale set in the Star Wars universe. These have been some of the things we know about Star Wars Eclipse and other things that we want out of the game personally. We’ll know more when they are willing to show more but there’s no doubt in our minds that this will be a very interesting and well-made game.

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