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Spider-Man 2 Hidden Trophy Guide: 15 Secret Trophies & How To Unlock?

Here is how to unlock all secret and hidden trophies in Spider-Man 2. You can easily miss them, check the guide for tips on how to unlock every secret trophy in Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2 has over 26 normal trophies and 15 secret hidden trophies. The normal trophies will be unlocked while completing mission objectives. While the hidden ones can be missed easily. Here is a list of all the secret trophies in Spider-Man 2 and how to unlock them.

How To Get Spider-Man 2 Hidden/Secret Trophies?

Spider-Man 2 Hidden Trophies

Most of the trophies are easy to unlock but can be missed just by not doing a simple objective. A New Suit is a Bronze hidden trophy that is rewarded when you unlock the Black Suit.

Spider-Man 2 Bronze Hidden Trophies:

  1. A New Suit: Unlock the Black Suit.
  2. You’re Gonna Need Help: Complete Surface Tension Missions.
  3. Another Way: Complete No Escape Mission.
  4. I Quit: Complete This Isn’t You Mission.
  5. Overdrive: Pull 6 or more enemies using Reverse Flux as Miles Morales.
  6. Antidote: Locate and Defeat a Symbiote under Anti-Venom status.

Spider-Man 2 Silver Hidden Trophies:

  1. Behind the Masks: Finish Grand Final Mission.
  2. Data Collector: Finish Target Identified Mission.
  3. Crimson Hour: Finish It Was Meant for Me Mission.
  4.  Leave Us Alone: Finish Don’t Be Scared Mission.
  5. The Great Hunt: Finish Anything Can Be Broken Mission.
  6. Medicine: Finish It Chose You Mission.
  7. Exterminator: Locate all 10 Symbiote Nests and clear them. Also, unlock King in the Black Suit.
  8. Surge: During Symbiote Surge, use Symbiote Abilities 25 times.
  9. Seek & Destroy: Clear all Hunter Bases.
  10. Grains of Sand: Collect all Broken Memories.

So this was the list of all secret trophies of Spider-Man 2 and tips on how to get them. There are more than 20 normal trophies that are mostly rewarded during the gameplay. To help you with that here is a list of all normal trophies in Spider-Man 2 and how to get them.

Spider-Man 2 Bronze Trophies:

  1. You Know What to Do: Visit Aunt May’s grave as Peter.
  2. Stylish: Just equip a suit style.
  3. A New Adventure: Help Howard once.
  4. Splat: Perform a failed landing trick on the ground.
  5. Brooklyn Pride: Finish A Gift Mission.
  6. My Community: Finish a Hard Bop Mission.
  7. New York, New York: Finish all Photo Ops.
  8. Co-Signing: Finish all Tech Stashes.
  9. Fully Loaded: Buy every tech upgrade of suit.
  10. Funky Wireless Protocols: Explore all Spider-bot Locations and find their origins.
  11. Slack Line: Using the Web Line, Stealth take- down 25 enemies while hiding.
  12. Hang Ten: Execute 30 Air Tricks without touching the ground.
  13. Just Let Go: Locate the Science Trophy that Miles & Phin won.
  14. Soar: Glide from the Financial District to Astoria using Web Wings.
  15. Resourceful: Get 10,000 tech parts.

Spider-Man 2 Silver Trophies:

  1. To the Max: Buy every Gadget upgrade.
  2. Kitted Out: Buy all suits.
  3. Amazing: Unlock max level.
  4. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man: Finish all FNSM requests.
  5. Foundational: Finish all EMF Experiments.
  6. Evolved: Take down 100 enemies with Evolved Venom abilities.
  7. Armed and Dangerous: Take down 100 enemies with Spider Arm abilities.

Spider-Man 2 Gold & Platinum Trophies:

  1. Superior: Unlock and complete every district.
  2. Heal the World: Complete the Campaign.
  3. Dedicated: Collect all Trophies.

So this was the complete list of trophies you can find in Spider-Man 2. Do not forget to check our article on Spider-Man 2 DLC for more info on upcoming updates on the game.