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Skull and Bones Beginner’s Guide: Best Tips For Early Game

Check out the best Skull and Bones tips and strategies in our beginner's guide for new players.

Being an action-naval warfare game, Skulls and Bones will have you sailing across all the oceans in the world. While you start as a survivor of a disastrous shipwreck, you must level up to manage your crewmates. In the early game, there are some essential tips and strategies that can help you master the open beta easily. Don’t worry, check out the best Skull and Bones tips in our beginner’s guide.

We have compiled all the tips crucial for your endless voyage for the open beta. So, here’s everything you need to know about.

Skull and Bones Tips to Master Early Game

Skull and Bones Tips Beginners guide
Image Source – Ubisoft on YouTube.

Play with your Friends

Rather than playing solo, you can invite two other players in the closed beta to join you. Since co-op has been seamless so far, you can complete various activities with your friends. This includes clearing contracts, hunting down treasure, and sailing around the sea with them. You can also trade goods and cannonballs with them to fight against enemies. However, it’s worth noting that the enemies are much tougher than usual. With the assistance of a few friends, it might be easier to win against such battles.

Always Listen to your Crewmates

Here’s one of the most crucial beginner’s tips that can help you progress faster in Skull and Bones. It is recommended to hear your crewmates for many reasons. You will hear them call out an enemy ship approaching so that you can get prepared for a battle. In terms of exploration, your crewmates have a keen eye for supplies, crafting materials, and resources scattered around. So, we suggest to listen to their callouts. Aside from that, you can ask them to sing a Shanty song for you. For that, you can head to the quick access menu to select the option.

You can also turn on the ship subtitles to not miss out on dialogues by your crewmates.

Here’s how to do so:

  • Head over to Settings > Language tab > General > Select the desired Subtitle language > Subtitle Settings > My Ship > Toggle the “On” option
Skull and Bones Tips Beginners guide
Image Source – Ubisoft on YouTube.

Manage your Ship Capacity

When traversing the oceans, the total weight of your cargo is essential. This can either slow you down or help you to evade stronger enemies you can’t fight. You can be targeted by a hostile ship, so make sure to bring only the necessary items on your ship. This includes the weapons, cannonballs, food, and ammo to survive the voyage. But that said, we recommend keeping crafting materials in your warehouse. As a result, it can save you a lot of cargo space.

Board the Enemy Ships for Loot

While fighting against enemy ships, you will have two options after dealing them damage. You can destroy or board the ships to loot them. If you want to claim more resources and loot, we recommend boarding the ships. Since boarding enemy ships also rewards you with additional items, it’s worth the trouble.

Scouting Opens New Doors

The spyglass might be one of the most valuable tools in Skull and Bones. Be it for intense battles or exploration, scouting gives you an edge over your enemies. In addition to giving you the full intel of enemies, scouting can also unlock new trade routes. All you need to do is scout a merchant and discover the trade route they are using. This not only offers you new locations to explore but also the boost of Infamy to level up faster.

That’s all covered about the best Skull and Bones tips to master the early game. If you liked and found this guide helpful, check out our guides to find out if there is PvP mode, how to harvest Acacia Wood, and explore more Skull and Bones Guides in our dedicated section right here on TechnClub.