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Is There PvP In Skull and Bones? Explained

Here's where you can find out if there is a PvP mode in Skull and Bones or not.

With the final open beta of Skull and Bones out, players are ready to snatch other player’s treasure loot. Ever since its release, a huge player base has been desperate to play against other players. That said, Skull and Bones has undergone many changes and additions since its announcement in 2017. But does the Skull and Bones have PvP mode?

Don’t worry, here’s where you can find out if the game has PvP mode or not. So, here’s everything you need to know about.

Is There PvP in Skull and Bones?

Skull and Bones PvP
Image Source – Ubisoft on YouTube.

Yes, there are a selected few contracts and events that temporarily enable PvP in Skull and Bones. If you win these battles, you can win all the treasure loot of your enemies. But if you can’t survive, you can also lose all the loot to your enemies. However, it’s worth noting that there is no way to enable or disable PvP mode. While the safe zone keeps you secure from NPC characters, it can’t keep you safe from PvP encounters.

So far, there are only three World events or contracts that enable PvP mode. They are as follows:

  • Helm Wager
  • Hostile Takeover
  • Cutthroat Cargo Hunt
  • Plunders

During these events, you can hijack the enemy player ships. As you do so, you can board their ships until their ship’s health is depleted enough. Once it’s down by more than half the health bar, you will be prompted to board that ship. While boarding, ensure that there is not much difference between the two ships.

Plunder is also another common way to engage in PvP combat. In addition, you can also transport cargo to enable the PvP mode. Whenever you use certain cargo transportation, you will be marked on the map allowing other players to locate you.

That’s everything covered about whether there is a PvP in Skull and Bones. If you liked and found this helpful, check out how to get the Acacia Wood, and explore more Gaming-related content in our dedicated section right here on TechnClub.