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Silent Hill “Sakura” Playable Demo Leaked

Recently we shared some low-resolution images of what appears to be the Silent Hill 2 Remake that the Bloober Team (Layers of Fear) is working on. Now more leaks appear, in this case to a Silent Hill Playable Concept called Sakura, which seems to work as a P.T.-style (Playable Teaser) demo coming to Sony console. Check out the complete details of this Silent Hill “Sakura” playable demo below.

Silent Hill “Sakura” Playable Demo Concept Art Leaked

silent hill sakura playable demo concept art leaked

According to rumors that have been circulating for some time, there are currently three versions of Silent Hill: a remake of the “two” from the Krakow Bloober Team, a smaller project from Annapurna Interactive, and another full-size part of the series prepared by a Japanese studio. In addition, the production of the Sakura project is also said to be in development: a standalone demo in the style of P.T., and this is what the latest leaks are about.

The one who talks about this on his Twitter profile and in the Resetera forums is the well-known insider Dusk Golem. He comments that it is a project that is not linked to Bloober Team’s Silent Hill, but he also does not explain who the development team is.

If we add all the leaks of the last few months, we would have the three Silent Hill in development that we already know: a remake by Bloober Team, an episodic installment by Annapurna, and a larger production sequel (for PS5, by Japan Studio). The latter would be the one that this Playable Concept corresponds to.

New screenshots have been added to yesterday’s selection, first published on Resetera and then also corroborated by the famous insider Dusk Golem.

If the first images (as you can see them above) seemed to actually be connected to something that may seem Silent Hill 2 Remake, the new leaks are related to another project. Dusk Golem refers to something called Project Sakura, which could be a new Silent Hill or something new:

It is described as a “playable concept”, exclusive to PlayStation 5 in digital, perhaps something very similar to the last Silent Hills of Hideo Kojima.

Dusk Golem confidently states that this leak is true and, for those who know Japanese, the plot of this Project Sakura is even revealed in the tweet above. You can find more screenshots (including better quality screenshots from the early version of the Silent Hill 2 remake that was leaked earlier) at this link.

So, when can we expect Sakura to be released? We know Konami has something up for next week’s Tokyo Game Show, but it’s probably Suikoden. One of the leaked screenshots mentions the premiere of Sakura in the summer of 2021, which (as you know) did not take place, as well as Silent Hill 5 in 2024. So it only remains to wait for the confirmation of these revelations.

As we have said on more than one occasion, these are leaks without any actual proof at the moment. We do not know if this project will ever see the light of day or if it is a demo for a game that will never come out.