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Silent Hill 2 Remake Screenshots Leaked Online

The remake of Silent Hill 2 would already be shown in new images.

Some presumed confirmations continue to arrive regarding the remake of Silent Hill 2, which would be in development at Bloober Team: in fact, very interesting screenshots have been leaked in the last few hours. Check out the complete details below.

Silent Hill 2 Remake Screenshots Leaked

silent hill 2 remake screenshots leaked

Some new alleged screenshots dedicated to the revival of one of the most loved horror chapters of the Konami saga have been leaked, which would suggest an imminent reveal of Silent Hill 2 Remake.

Just a few days ago, new important confirmations arrived on a possible upcoming Silent Hill remake reveal, which returns to take on much more importance in the light of this new indiscretion.

These are currently visible images in low quality and reported on the ResetEra forum, but of which DuskGolem, a well-known insider who first anticipated the first images on the new project, would have already confirmed the veracity.

DuskGolem has in fact stressed that the images leaked on the net would be real, but belonging to a build far from what the complete product should be.

According to the insider, the images that arrived on the net would have shown us an internal demo of the Bloober remake, made before receiving the green light for the start of the works and which, therefore, would not really represent the final aspect of the remake of Silent Hill 2.

Unfortunately, the images available are in low resolution and it does not make it possible to observe the new alleged title in particular in detail, but if the rumors were confirmed it would mean that a reveal by Konami and Bloober Team could really be coming in the next few days.

Of course, we can not help but invite you to take the news with the necessary precautions, waiting for official announcements or reactions from the developers: we will keep you promptly updated on our pages if further news arrives, until then stay tuned on TechNClub.com for the latest updates.