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Silent Hill Composer Teases New Game, Announcement in This Summer

The composer of the Silent Hill series recently gave an interview which was published today. There he announced that his next project would be announced in the summer. It should be a game that fans are already longing for. A statement that is fueling speculation.

A video interview with Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka was released today. There he gave the audience two interesting hints about his next project. He revealed that the next announcement will be made in the summer. This is supposed to be a game that people were already hoping to hear.

You’ll probably hear something this summer, to be announced, and I think it’s the one you’re hoping to hear about. But we’re keeping it general at this point.

Of course, this statement encourages fans to speculate. Some already believe that Yamaoka teased the suspected reboot of Silent Hill. There have been a lot of rumors about this in the past.

Various industry insiders and analysts are of the opinion that a restart of the legendary horror series is already in development. For example, last July it was said that the title has been in development for two years. Someone else would like to know that Konami is working with Sony Interactive Entertainment on this project and that it will therefore be released exclusively for the PS5. The widely known Leaker Dusk Golem is also convinced of the ongoing development.

An announcement of Silent Hill for the PS5 would in any case no longer be a surprise after all these rumors. Nevertheless, the longtime composer could have unintentionally lured us on the wrong track and actually mean a completely different game. After The Medium, the Bloober team is already working on the next project for which new developers are currently being sought. Here, too, Yamaoka was active as a composer.

Because summer is the announcement period, the title may be unveiled at this year’s E3 or Gamescom. We are excited and hope that the horror series will finally return.