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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Game Duration, Gameplay & More Details Revealed

Today the developers at Frogwares presented us with the first Q&A video for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. This includes details on the scope, playing time and gameplay of the detective adventure.

With Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, the detective series from Frogwares will be released next year. To give players a first taste of what to expect in the title, the studio released the first Q&A video today.

Among other things, this deals with the scope of the prequel. The bottom line is that the detective adventure comprises five main missions and 30 optional quests, which can sometimes be as extensive as the story quests.

If you only want to complete the story of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, according to the developer, the game duration is limited to 12 to 15 hours. If you really want to see everything and complete all side missions, you can play for up to 50 hours. In addition, according to Frogwares, the fact that your approach in the main and side missions can lead to different degrees. This also ensures the necessary replayability.

With a look at the playful implementation of the game, the creators of Frogwares explain that there are several suspects in the main quests. The studio not only attaches great importance to complex characters. It also states that it is possible to draw wrong conclusions and accuse people who did not commit the crime.

Even if combats cannot always be avoided, they should play a subordinate role, as a non-lethal approach should always be pursued whenever possible. Using outfits that can be acquired in the game world, it will also be possible to gain the trust of certain groups.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will release on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC this year. Further details on Sherlock Holmes Chapter One can be found in the following video.